Director’s Message

We thank you for the faith and interest you have bestowed in MCC. We created this institution to provide the very best in
We wish to share a few thoughts that will give you concrete answers to the questions regarding CA/CS exams. If you are dreaming to be a CA/CS you need to be disciplined, committed, courageous, dynamic and confident. Plan your career without wasting a single day. This is high time to shape your future and set top priority to your goal. Get started now. Focus on your preparation. Your target should be clear in your mind. The path is clear in our mind. We will work very hard together to achieve this goal. The expectation from you is that you will do your best in the months to come. We promise that we will do our best to help you reach your dream. We promise to turn your ignorance into very clear visions, fears into courage and confusions into commanding abilities, which ultimately open up the vista of success in life and lead you right up to your dream. We will make your dream come true by systematically unfolding your true potential. We will groom your skills to make your reflexes sharp and accurate to make you a winning entity.

As you are approaching towards a career of sheer intellect, without any extra preparation and special attention, it would be hard to believe that you can cope with today's competitive environment. What you learn at MCC is highly relevant. We ensure every element of excellence in our faculty and best possible standards of qualitative education. We have the faculty members of highest caliber. Their cutting-edge knowledge comes alive in the classroom. You will find our quality, through your close association with us.

We run motivation sessions so that you are always at your best. While preparing you, we will equip you with the in-depth knowledge and insight, clear concepts, proper skills, high level of confidence, right mind-set, strong will power and the will to succeed. These are not mere assurances; rather, we have proven in practice to the best of the satisfaction of our students and guardians. We are crystal-clear about our unending services to the enrolled students.

Invitation for parent : We invite you to be an active partner with MCC to make your child's dream come true. We will interact with you very closely, arm you with all relevant information, update you with the progress of your child, etc. We hope you will welcome our initiatives and respond with great enthusiasm. Give us feedback without any hesitation. Nothing would make us happier than seeing you with pride when your child becomes CA/CS.

Success in CA/CS exams is a result of many things going together in the right direction and is achived mainly by intelligent efforts (Hard work + Proper guidance). it is the product of an organized mind. We always aim to continue our long tradition of success. We hope joining at MCC will be the wisest decision of your life. MCC will be the safest path to follow and feel proud rather than taking risk of trying other institute. We put our heart and soul in making students target achive by systematic, well-planned and focused guidance.

Difference between who you are and who you want to be is what