Siddharth Bafna

XIIth CBSC, 2017

I found that the various classes were extremely exam-focused and taught you basic exam techniques which could be easily applied to all subject and are often overlooked. The experienced teachers pointed out common pitfalls and were easily approachable if you had difficulty understanding a concept. Being surrounded by motivated, like-minded people was beneficial as it drove me to work harder and achieve what I wanted to achieve.

Welcome to MCC

Understanding is the essence to success. if you don't understand things and just mug up, it is same as a blind man shooting. Here at MCC we make students understand. We try make students curious to find out reasons behind things and not just mugging things up and taking studying as a boring duty. We don't make students study we make them learn through various innovative ways of teaching. Our self-made tests helps the students find their mistakes and help them to improve.

Director's Welcome

Here at MCC, we truly believe that every students has the ability to achieve their own personal goals, once inspired and motivated effectively. our proven ethos in education empower students to face the challenges ahead with a confidence and determination that is much more than an academic skill - it is a life lesson well learned and an essential preparation for the open journey of life

Parent-Institute Relations

At all times, we endeavour to maintain constant contact with parents or guardians and discuss openly any concern parents may have or any issues that may arise. in addition to the monthly subject reports, parents are also welcome to meet with the faculties throughout the year. This close cooperation beetween parents and the institute plays a vital role in the success of our students.

Pulkit Khandelwal
Marks - 100/100
Maheshwari Sr. Sec. School

Anurag Biyani
Marks - 99/100
Bright Future School

Vijay Agarwal
Marks - 97/100
Sanskar Sr. Sec. School


Nitesh Maheshwari
Marks - 100/100
Gandhi Bal Niketan

Rhea Mittal
Marks - 95/100
Sanskar Public School

Akhil Goyal
Marks - 95/100
Seedling modern school

Shubham Kaswan
Marks - 93/100
Birla Public School


Vijay Agarwal
Marks - 97/100
Sanskar Sr. Sec. School

Hemant Choudhary
Marks - 96/100
Govt. Sr. Sec. School, Dataramgarh

Monika Sharma
Marks - 96/100
Brightlands Sr. Sec. School

Mitali kedawat
Marks - 95/100
Neerja modi school

Inspirational Teachers

The sustained success of MC has much to do with the skill and dedication of the motivated, experienced and highly qualified faculties. Over the years, our teachers have perfected a highly effective scheme of teachinf designed for maximum educational success.

Our team of faculties are not only passionate about their unique subject areas, they are also wholly committed to the task of maximizing examination success. Their confidence and expertise enable the students of MCC to reach the pinnacle of their potential.

The faculties at MCC are not only exceptional educators; they are truly inspirational group of motivators who care about each individual student. The majority of the full time faculties has been with the institute for over five years, and is a major component in the continued success of MCC

Revision and Assessment

At MCC, we have and integrated teaching model whereby teachers follow a common, structured revision schedule which aids students' retention and reinforcement of key concepts.

The results of all academic assessments are posted to parents on a regular basis; parent-teacher meetings are also held following major examinations.

Professional Coaching

Here at MCC we teach Accountancy, Mathematics and Economics for classes 11th and 12th. We also help prepare for CA-CPT & CS-FOUNDATION. Sp come and experience MCC and understand Accountancy, Mathematics and Economics better.

Incredible Record Made by giving maximum times 1st Rank


Varsha Agaewal

IPCC, Nov 2017, AIR 14th

Komal Kumawat

CPT DEC 2016

Kartikeya Gupta

CA-FINAL NOV 2016 AIR 33rd

Nidhi Kabra

CA FINALMAY 2015, AIR 31st

Rahul Jain

CA FINALNOV 2015, AIR 10th

Nitesh Maheshwari

CPT Dec 2014, AIR 8th

Divyank Jain

IPCC May 2014, AIR 13th

Ankit Mehta

CA FINAL Nov 2014, AIR 8th

Shivam Dad

CA-EXECUTIVE Dec 2014, AIR 1st

Kartikeya Gupta

IPCC May 2013, AIR 11th

Abhishek Ligga

CPT June 2012, AIR 3rd

Astha Mongia

IPCC Nov 2011, AIR 2nd

Sonu Rajawat

CS-FOUNDATION June 2013, AIR 10th

Siddharth Jain

CS-EXECUTIVE June 2012, AIR 9th

Himani Jain


Nidhi Jain

CS-FOUNDATION June 2012, AIR 3rd

Deeksha Janiani

CS-FOUNDATION Dec 2012, AIR 14th

Shashank Bhatiya

CS-FOUNDATION Dec 2011, AIR 20th

Mansi Sodhani

CS-FOUNDATION June 2011, AIR 9th

Gitika Bhatia

CPT, June 2012, AIR 1st

Class XI
Accounts 9000.00
Economics 9500.00
Maths 11500.00
All Three Subjects 28000.00
  Amount Time
1st Installment 14000.00 OnSpot
2nd Installment 14000.00 In a 3 months
Total 28000.00  
Note: If lumsum fee, deposit 27000.00 only
Class XII
Accounts 11000.00
Economics 10000.00
Maths 12500.00
All Three Subjects 32000.00
  Amount Time
1st Installment 16000.00 OnSpot
2nd Installment 16000.00 In a 3 months
Total 32000.00  
Note: If lumsum fee, deposit 31000.00 only
  Amount Time
1st Installment 37500.00 OnSpot
2nd Installment 37500.00 In a 3 months
Total 75000.00  
Note: If lumsum fee, deposit 72000.00 only
  Amount Time
1st Installment 25500.00 OnSpot
2nd Installment 25500.00 In a 3 months
Total 51000.00  
Note: If lumsum fee, deposit 48000.00 only