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Director’s Message

CA Ritesh Rastogi, Jaipur

CA Ritesh Rastogi is the visionary behind the adventure called Mittal Commerce Classes. He has taken a leaf out of his life experience and translated it forward to help budding chartered accountants of tomorrow. His single mindedness is by itself inspiring and a day spent with him motivates all around him to excel further. His one advice to students (in general) and aspiring finance professionals (in particular), “There are no free lunches in this world”. Be prepared to work hard, and we will lead you to success.

CA Manoj Gupta, Jaipur

He is the energy behind Mittal Commerce Classes. Akin to the preserver in the holy trinity, he has spent unending hours, days and weeks to ensure that the seed called mittal commerce classes was transformed into a mighty oak, sheltering thousands and caring for those facing the storm. He has been the motivation behind Mittal Commerce Classes seeing the light of day, and any aspiring Finance professional would get a real lesson in life, just watching him at work.

A message to all aspiring students from the Desk of the Directors

Are you dreaming to be CA?

  • Plan your career now
  • You need to be disciplined, committed, courageous, dynamic & confident.
  • Set top priority to your goal.
  • Focus on your preparation.
  • Your target should be clear in your mind.
  • Work very hard to achieve this goal.

If you are ready to start now then MCC will support you, provide staircase to put step forward to achieve your goal by giving you best guidance to hit CA exams.

MCC supports you in many ways like

  • We run motivation sessions so that you are always at your best.
  • While preparing you, we will equip you with the in depth knowledge and insight, clear concepts, proper skills, high level of confidence, right mindset, strong will power and the will to succeed.
  • MCC have proven in practice to the best of the satisfaction of our students and guardians. We are crystal clear about our unending services to the enrolled students.
  • We invite parents to be an active partner with MCC to make your child’s dream come true.
  • MCC supports all the way to achieve goals by systematic, well planned and focused guidance.