How much a CA Inter can earn in Dubai?

Between 8,970 and 30,200 AED per month, Chartered Accountant salaries in Dubai are available (maximum salary).

About 10,300 AED is the average monthly salary for an entry-level Chartered Accountant with under two years of experience.

Between two and five years of experience, a person may expect to earn 14,300 AED per month.

Those with five to 10 years of experience may expect a monthly pay of 20,300 AED.

If you have at least 10 years of experience, you can expect to make 24,800 AED a month.

The average salary for someone with fifteen to twenty years of experience is 26,100 AED per month.

Individuals with more than twenty years of professional experience may expect a monthly of 28,500 AED.