Online Scholarship Exam for Commerce Students

The Essentials:

Exam Name: Commerce Ka Champion Conducted by: Mittal Commerce Classes Exam Date: 21st January 2024 Test Mode: Online & Offline

A Multifaceted Challenge

Rank 1: ₹31,000 + 80% Scholarship for CA Foundation + Gold Medal + Commerce Ka Champions Trophy + Certificate

Rank 2: ₹21,000 + 70% Scholarship for CA Foundation + Silver Medal + Commerce Ka Champions Trophy + Certificate

How to Register

Joining Commerce Ka Champion is easy. Visit the official website for exam details, eligibility, and registration steps. Follow requirements for participation.

Beyond the Prize: A Stepping Stone to Success

Commerce Ka Champion goes beyond cash rewards, celebrating academic excellence, offering a platform for students to showcase skills nationally.

Inspiring the Commerce Leaders of Tomorrow

Commerce Ka Champion by Mittal Commerce Classes inspires future commerce leaders, turning winners into excellence ambassadors.

The Countdown Begins

Gear up for Commerce Ka Champion on January 21, 2024 – your chance to shine in commerce! brand identity, create marketing strategy.