5 Month Study Plan for the CA Inter May 2024 Exam

To excel in CA Intermediate exam, it is imperative to make a well-organized study schedule.

1st & 2nd Week: Revise the foundational topics from your study material. 3rd & 4th Week: Start with the subjects you find most challenging. Allocate more time to them.

Month 1: Foundation & Basics

1st Week: Dive deep into each subject. Focus on understanding concepts rather than rote learning. 2nd & 3rd Week: Solve the previous year’s question papers and mock tests. 4th Week: Identify weak areas and revisit them.

Month 2: In-depth Study

1st Week : Begin with subject-wise revision. 2nd & 3rd Week : Practice numerical problems and case studies. 4th Week: Take short quizzes to evaluate your understanding.

Month 3: Revision & Practice

1st & 2nd Week : Take full-length mock tests. 3rd Week : Analyze your performance, identify mistakes, and work on them. 4th Week : Focus on time management and improving speed.'

Month 4: Mock Tests & Analysis

1st Week : Revise all subjects thoroughly. 2nd Week : Solve sample papers and focus on time-bound practice. 3rd Week : Stay updated with any last-minute changes or updates from the institute. 4th Week : Relax, stay calm, and maintain a healthy routine.

Month 5: Final Preparations