7 Best Movies Accountants Must Watch in 2024

1. Rogue Trader: The film explores the high-stakes world of financial markets and the ethical dilemmas faced by professionals in the industry.

2. Too Big to Fail: Too Big to Fail is a must-see film for anyone who wants to understand the 2008 financial crisis and the accounting profession.

3. Super Pumped: The season of the series focuses on the rise and fall of Uber, providing valuable insight into the accounting challenges that startups face.

4. The Office- The Accountants: It revolves around the accountants of a fictional company trying to figure out the lost $3000 from the office budget.

5. Narcos: It is a show for every accounting professional wanting to know more about illegal activities and their economic impact.

6. The Untouchables: This drama movie by Brian De Palma is an inspiration for accountants to fight against illegal activities.

7. The Insider: It shows how accountants must make certain tough choices within the company and is a reminder for them always to make the right decision.