8 Tricks for CA students to improve their concentration span

15 march 2024

Similar to weight lifting, meditation trains the brain to stay focused for longer periods.


Regular physical and mental exercise can boost concentration. also making students more attentive in lectures.


Getting at least eight hours of sleep can help students concentrate. Sleep deprivation can disrupt cognitive functions.


Limiting distractions can help students be more productive with their learning. For example, mute their phone notifications.


Regular concentration exercises can help keep the mind fresh and mentally active. For example, students can try sitting still.

Concentration exercises

Memory games, spot the difference, tongue twisters, and Simon Says can help students focus on thinking and planning.

Focus games

Breaking down tasks and prioritizing them effectively can help students reduce stress and focus on their goals.

Time management

Other tips for improving concentration: Preparing before class, Sitting near the front, Turning off the phone, and Taking notes.

Other tips