Brief Overview of CA Foundation New Scheme Syllabus

Candidates planning to appear for CA Foundation 2024 must take of the new changes and additions in the CA Foundation 2024 syllabus.

Paper 1 - Accounting To develop an understanding of the basic concepts of accounting and apply the same in preparing financial statements and problem-solving.

Paper 2: Business Laws To develop general legal knowledge of the law of Sales and understanding of various forms of businesses and their functioning to regulate the business environment.

Paper 3: Quantitative Aptitude To develop an understanding of the basic mathematical and statistical tools and apply the same in business, finance, and economic situations.

Paper 4: Business Economics To develop an understanding of the concepts and theories of Economics and to acquire the ability to address application-oriented issues.

Requirements for Clearing CA Foundation Exam if he or she obtains in one sitting a minimum of 40% marks in each paper and a minimum of 50% marks in the aggregate of all the papers.

Preparation Tips for CA Foundation New Syllabus 2024 1. Know the Syllabus 2. Start Early 3. Refer to Right Study Material and Books 4. Mock Test