How To Attempt All Questions In Ca Final Exam

Try not to answer the question in a long paragraph. You have to understand that it is not a writing competition so stop writing essay types answers.

Write your answer broadly. Don’t get hesitate to ask for new sheets. Use as much paper as you want. 

Make sure your answers are not split over 2 pages as this will give the impression that the answer is small.

Every point has some important words. Underline them and use them wisely whenever possible. It will make paper checkers work easier to find the answer.

By underlining the keywords you believe in. It can increase your marks from half number to a full number.

We start with a difficult question. Try the simplest question first, which one you think you are most confident about.

Don’t focus on just writing, always keep in mind min that the answer you are writing should purely relate to the question.

Always keep your handmade notes with you so you can revise the important topics just before entering the exam hall.

Always have a mindset that you will attempt all the questions in CA Final exams.