How to do CA Intermediate Under the New Scheme in May 2024?

Eligibility - is the same as before. However, in the exams, the direct entry route students must undergo an 8-month study period.

Registration Validity - The validity of the CA Intermediate registration is now for 5 years as against four years.

New Syllabus 2024 - Now, there will be only 6 papers in the CA Intermediate course and not 8 papers. Papers 1 and 5 are merged into one.

Enterprise Information Systems is removed from paper 7, and Economics for Finance is removed from paper 8.

The remaining part is merged in paper 6 as Financial Management and Strategic Management.

Passing Criteria - There will be 30% MCQ-based questions in all 6 papers. Furthermore, the negative marking of .25 will be deducted for every wrong answer.

Exemption Criteria - if you get an exemption in any paper, then the exemption will be permanent for that paper. you need to clear the rest of the papers with 50% marks.