How To Prepare For CA Foundation In 4 Months?

Make a Proper Schedule:  Efficient planning is crucial. Craft a timetable for focused study sessions, allocating time to each subject and chapter, enhancing performance analysis.

Find the Best Coaching Centre: Quality guidance is vital. Opt for StudyByTech, a top CA Foundation coaching providing comprehensive theoretical  and practical insights.

Create Your Revision Notes: Handwritten notes streamline vast syllabus revision. Jot down important concepts during classes, ensuring easy understanding and time-efficient preparation.

Prioritize Statistics and Logical Reasoning: Non-math students should prioritize Statistics and Logical Reasoning, contributing 20 marks. Devote extra focus as these areas are crucial for scoring.

Emphasize Revision: The vast syllabus demands efficient time management. Complete the syllabus early to allow thorough revision. Utilize the three-time revision method for better preparation.

Master the Calculator: With calculators allowed in exams, command over it is crucial. Learn shortcut keys like M+, M-, and G to save time during calculations.