How to prepare for the CA Inter Exam MCQ?

First of all, you need to carefully read the question and properly understand its specifications because the answer is always concealed in the question.

Then give a true or false test to each alternative. Cross the wrong answers and you can find the most appropriate answer.

Look for choices and their trends and similarities when there are many variables and so on. Select options that have the same patterns.

Note also that the first impression is the best. Once you have read the question, immediately pick the correct answer.

First of all, answer those questions for which you are positive and skip difficult questions, but after the test, focus on those difficult questions properly.

Try to answer this question in your mind when you read it without looking at the options. After the answer has been formulated, look into the option.

Prepare your mind to respond with full speed to the MCQ so that there is more time left for the remaining 70 marks of paper.

Focus also on practical issues because but it will be more difficult to score good marks in MCQ if the applicant lacks practical knowledge.