In which country CA is highly paid?

1. UK- The Avrege salary is around US$105,000. The highest paid accountants in the UK work in the banking and capital markets sector.

2. Ireland- In Ireland, accountancy is one of the largest single employer for new graduates. average package stands at €60,000. 

3. Switzerland- Switzerland, a top choice for accountants, emphasizes finance. Accountant salaries range from CHF65,000 to CHF150,000.

4. Australia- In Australia, Chartered Accountants with over four years of experience have a salary range of AU$70,000 – AU$140,000.

5. United States- Chartered accountants, known in the States as Certified Public Accountants, are among the highest-paid in the world. 

6. Belgium- Belgium, which borders Germany, Luxembourg and the Netherlands, is another high-paying country for accountants.

7. Norway- Chartered accountants in Norway with over 5 years experience earn between 400k – 600k NOK per annum.