Pragnya Mohan

The Amazing Success Story of

Mittal Commerce Classes

1. Pragnya Mohan is a qualified Chartered Accountant. By profession and passion, a triathlete.

2. Pragnya Mohan emerges as one of India's top triathletes while balancing her Chartered Accountancy background.

3. She was completing her internship as a Chartered Accountant at that time and couldn’t devote enough time to training.

4. Putting her Chartered Accountancy life on the back burner, she has emerged as one of India’s leading triathletes.

5. Pragnya Mohan praises Gujarat's cycling and running terrains as she eyes a medal at the 36th National Games.

6. In 2015, she competed in a multi-discipline event for the first time. In 2019 and this year she has learnt a lot at the 2022 Commonwealth Games in Birmingham.

7. Recounting her first multi-discipline event in 2015, Pragnya Mohan highlights the unique build-up to the National Games.

8. Pragnya Mohan's victories in South Asian Triathlon Championships and the Commonwealth Games have contributed to her growth as a triathlete.