Preparation Strategy For International Taxation In CA Final

1. The International Taxation paper is both easy and difficult because it is written in an open-book format.

2. Students are allowed to bring their notes, books, and study materials into the examination hall, as the name implies. 

3. Reference books to have a thorough understanding of the law, and then respond to the question by recommending the best feasible solution to the problem.

4. To help you search more efficiently throughout the examination, use easy-to-find tags and bookmarks for your notes and study material.

5. Keep your answers sharp and crisp, point to point. Do not write the same answer in different ways just to make it lengthy.

6. Underline keywords and organize answers in the same way that they are organized in the ICAI solutions.

7. The quality of your answers and the strength of your arguments will improve if you have the correct materials with you.

8. The ICAI material is highly recommended and considered the best in terms of preparation. In an open case study format.