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Shivani Agarwal's Journey from CA to Champion

1. The Kolkata girl "Shivani Agarwalla" is a chartered accountant by profession and mother to a seven-year-old boy.

2. The winner of several awards, including the Pride of Bengal 2022 given away by the Indian Chamber of Commerce.

3. Winning two golds at the 29th International Gira Sport Federation World Championship.

4. In 2018, Shivani became India’s first woman world Champion in Kettlebells.

5. In 2021 she earned her first CMS (Candidate of Master of Sports); in 2022 she earned her first MS (Master of Sports) and four gold medals.

6. She was awarded the Pride of Bengal by the Indian Chamber of Commerce and received a letter of appreciation from Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

7. So how does she balance her roles as a mother, a chartered accountant and being a world champion in kettlebell? Shivani’s answer: "If it’s your priority, you will always do it".