Strategies for Excelling in the CA Final SFM Exam 2024 by MCC

Rethink SFM: It’s not that difficult. With the right guidance, it can become your favorite subject. Just believe in your abilities.

Concepts & Practice: Like any numerical subject, understanding the basic concepts is crucial in SFM.

Stay Updated: The finance world is changing rapidly. Stay updated with ICAI’s monthly journal and other relevant publications.

Know the Complete SFM Syllabus: Understand the major topics like Capital Budgeting, Foreign Exchange, and Portfolio Management.

Study Strategy: Start with easier topics to build interest. then move to heavier topics like Portfolio Management.

Mix Heavy & Light Topics: After finishing a complex chapter, switch to an easier one. This helps in better retention.

Revision: Revisit chapters in the order you studied. This reinforces your understanding.

Don’t Neglect Theory: Make a list of frequent theory questions and study them. Consider making short notes in your own words for revision.