Syllabus for Advanced Accounting in CA Inter - May 2024

CA Inter Advanced Accounting syllabus for May 2024 is an important strategy. they are ensuring that students are well prepared for the upcoming exams.

Key Topics Accounting Standards: Understand the details of various accounting standards, understanding their implications in practical scenarios.

Consolidated Financial Statements: Master the art of consolidating financial statements to ensure accuracy and consistency.

Corporate Financial Reporting: Gain an understanding of the complexities of corporate financial reporting with a focus on best practices and standards.

Accounting for Special Transactions: Understand accounting methods for mergers, acquisitions, and other special transactions.

Recent Updates & Amendments: Stay updated with the latest changes and additions in the accounting world.

Advanced Accounting Syllabus is divided into 3 modules, module 1 contains 4 chapters, module 2 contains 6 chapters, and module 3 contains 5 chapters.

Module 1 1: Introduction to Accounting Standards 2: Framework for Preparation and Presentation of Financial Statements 3: Applicability of Accounting Standards 4: Presentation & Disclosures Based Accounting Standards

Module 2 5: Assets-Based Accounting Standards 6: Liabilities Based Accounting Standards 7: Accounting Standards Based on Items Impacting Financial Statement 8: Revenue-Based Accounting Standards 9: Other Accounting Standards 10: Accounting Standards for Consolidated Financial Statement

Module 3 11: Financial Statements of Companies 12: Buyback of Securities 13: Amalgamation of Companies 14: Accounting for Reconstruction of Companies 15: Accounting for Branches including Foreign Branches