Tips for students to start CA preparation in Class 11

Build a Strong Foundation: Focus on mastering concepts in NCERT textbooks, especially for business studies and economics.

Explore the Syllabus: Familiarise yourself with the CA Foundation syllabus to understand the focus areas.

Find Resources: Collect ICAI study materials, practice manuals, and past-year papers for future reference.

Develop your understanding: Don't just memorise; strive to truly understand underlying concepts and their applications.

Practice Regularly: Solve questions and practice MCQs from various sources to solidify your knowledge.

Consider Group Study: Collaborate with peers to discuss concepts, solve problems, and stay motivated.

Seek Guidance: Don't hesitate to ask teachers or mentors for help when needed.

Start Early, Reap the Benefits: Beginning in Class 11 gives you a head start and boosts your confidence for future preparation.