Top 7 Best Courses to do along with  CA Course

1. CMA(Cost and Management Accountant): CMA is an advanced course that is more practical and deals with the application of knowledge in the business field.

2. CS (Company Secretary):  If you wish to pursue a dual specialty with CA, CS and CA course degrees make a great combination. 

3. CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) Course: The combination of a CA and CFA qualification creates a powerful synergy in the finance industry.

4. MBA (Masters of Business Administration): MBA improves the career options of a CA. It allows them to make the transition from finance to other sectors.

5. Law: By pursuing both CA and LLB, they can work as tax consultants, corporate lawyers, financial advisors, or in other related fields.

6. FRM (Financial Risk Management): The CA qualification, with its focus on accounting and finance, provides a solid foundation in financial reporting.

7. CIMA (Chartered Institute of Management Accountants): Along with CA, CIMA is an excellent course to pursue. It is also a worldwide recognized chance.