Top 8 Toughest Courses in India

We focus on the toughest courses in India, bring you some of the toughest academic courses.

1. Civil Services: UPSC conducts civil services exam recruiting for departments like IPS, IAS, IRS, IFS.

2. Chartered Accountancy: Chartered Accountancy, the toughest in commerce, demands intelligence, perseverance, and hard work.

3. Medicine: NEET exam opens doors to medical careers, high rank secures institute admission.

4. Engineering: Engineering demands expertise in tough disciplines like math, physics, statistics, etc.

5. Computer Science: Computer science demands dedicated study, mastering languages, and software proficiency for success.

6. MBA: MBA, India's toughest professional course, attracts professionals aspiring for business careers.

7. Architecture: Architecture ranks among India's toughest courses, requiring a bachelor's degree and practical experience.

8. Law: Law, a prestigious degree, demands intensive study and thorough understanding of legal principles.