Top Career for Chartered Accountants: From Internal Audit to Treasury

The top 7 career options are internal audit, tax audit, statutory audit, finance controller, forensic auditing, management consulting, and treasury.

1 – Internal Audit: Primarily involves the examination of the effectiveness of internal control mechanisms implemented by the organization.

2 – Tax Audit: It is significant during the income tax filing of a financial year since it assures the process of correctly submitting the income tax return.

3 – Statutory Audit: A CA is an external auditor conducting audits backed by different statute requirements and is generally called a statutory auditor.

4 – Finance Controller: One of the good career options for CA is the post of finance controller. It includes corporate finance, managerial and accounting activities, etc.

5 – Forensic Auditing: Career Options for CA also include Forensic auditing. A forensic audit is a process of examining the financial records of an entity.

6 – Management Consulting: A chartered accountant with good analytical, problem-solving, and communication skills can build a career in management consulting.

7 – Treasury: Treasury is one of the government jobs available for chartered accountants in India. Their primary responsibility is cash or treasury management.