Topper’s 4 Months Strategy for CA Foundation 2024 Success

The CA Foundation exam is a significant milestone for those aspiring to become Chartered Accountants. 

Offering a solid foundation in essential subjects like Accounting, Business Law, Economics, and Mathematics. 

A topper’s 4-month study plan for CA Foundation Success involves a well-structured and disciplined approach. 

Months 1: Master CA Foundation basics: 2-3 hrs/day per subject, thorough reading, concise notes, easy practice questions first.

Months 2: Deepen subject understanding: 4-5 hrs/day, review notes, moderate practice, chapter-wise mock tests to gauge progress.

Month 3: Replicate exam: Full-length mocks, analyze, revise tough areas, solve prior year papers for insights.

Month 4: Final month: Intensify effort, 6-8 hours daily per subject, ensuring comprehensive coverage for CA Foundation preparation.