When was the next CA Foundation exam?

The next CA Foundation exam is scheduled to take place in June 2024, as announced by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI).

The June 2024 session of the CA Foundation exam offers candidates an opportunity to attempt the examination and progress in their chartered accounting journey.

The exam dates for the CA Foundation June 2024 session were officially communicated by ICAI through their website and other official channels.

The CA Foundation exam serves as the entry-level examination for students pursuing the chartered accounting course and is a major step in their career path.

Mock tests, practice papers, and previous years' question papers are valuable resources for candidates to assess their readiness for the exam and identify areas for improvement.

The CA Foundation exam is conducted across various examination centres nationwide, providing candidates with accessibility and convenience.

Results for the CA Foundation exam are usually declared a few weeks after the conclusion of the exam, allowing candidates to plan their next steps accordingly.