Which is the most difficult subject in CA Inter?

Advanced Accounting: Requires an in-depth understanding of complex accounting standards and consolidation techniques.

Direct Tax Laws: This involves intricate tax laws, case studies, and interpretations, making it challenging for many students.

Indirect Tax Laws: Cover GST, customs, and service tax, requiring comprehensive knowledge of constantly evolving laws and regulations.

Cost and Management Accounting: This involves complex calculations, variance analysis, and decision-making techniques, which is often challenging for students.

Financial Management and Economics for Finance: This requires a strong grasp of financial concepts, theories, and applications in real-world scenarios.

Corporate and Other Laws: This involves an extensive study of legal provisions, case laws, and corporate regulations, posing difficulty for many students.

Advanced Auditing and Professional Ethics: Demands a thorough understanding of auditing standards, professional ethics, and practical application in audit engagements.