Why do most students quit CA?

1. The CA curriculum consists of three levels: Foundation, Intermediate, and Final, each accompanied by a rigorous examination process.

2. The CA course is spanning several years. The time commitment required to complete the course is a significant deterrent for many.

3. Individuals find it challenging to maintain a healthy personal life while meeting the demands of articleship, in some cases, the decision to quit.

4. Individuals from economically disadvantaged may find it difficult to continue with the CA course, leading them to discontinue their pursuit.

5. The absence of guidance and mentorship can make it difficult for aspiring CAs to navigate the challenges they encounter.

6. The fear of facing severe consequences for unintentional errors or ethical lapses can be a source of stress for aspiring CA.

7. The pressure and stress associated with pursuing CA can take a toll on mental health. Mental health challenges such as anxiety and depression.