7 Interesting Facts That No One Knows About CA

Simplicity: Yes, It's plain and simple, Three steps to become a CA. Entrance exam - Intermediate Exam - Final exam.

Costs less than a Nano car: The costs that the ICAI charges as course and other activities fees put together the fee does not even cross 75K.

Practical first theory: You are a student you are mandatorily exposed for 3 years to real-time business exposure under a CA.

Another monetary benefit is that you get a monthly stipend. The bigger the audit firm bigger the pay.

Epicness: The most epic thing you will ever hear from anyone on a CA course is that of the pass-outs percentage.

History: Post-independence first Professional institute to be established by an act of parliament was the CA Regulations Act 1949.

After 7 years they thought the British Old Companies Act needed to be replaced with a new one only in 1956.

We are the Professionals: When you need something of high and best quality you always reach out to the professionals.