CA Intermediate Syllabus 2024: Complete Exam Preparation

Lined Circle

Understand the Syllabus: Familiarize yourself with the detailed syllabus, focusing on each subject’s weightage.

Create a Study Plan:  Develop a comprehensive study schedule, allocating time for each subject and regular revisions.

Quality Resources:  Use recommended study material and textbooks for in-depth understanding.

Practice Regularly:  Solve practice questions and previous years’ papers to enhance your problem-solving skills.

Time Management:  Solve questions within time limits to improve your speed. And focus on understanding the concepts.

Revision and Mock Tests: Revision frequently to retain the knowledge and formulas, and take mock tests to assess preparation.

Stay Updated:  Keep up with amendments and changes in laws and regulations.

Effective Presentation: Focus on presenting your answers neatly and logically, especially in theory-based subjects.