CA Students Avoid these habits that can damage your brain

​Prolonged sitting: Long periods of sitting can lower blood flow to the brain, as demonstrated by a UCLA Health study.

​Insufficient sleep: We frequently overlook the value of sleep in our hectic lives. Sleep deprivation impairs cognitive abilities.

Excessive screen time: Screen time throws off the delicate balance of our circadian rhythm, which can cause exhaustion and insomnia.

Inadequate water intake: Water is an important component of the brain, even mild dehydration can affect memory and attention.

Skipping breakfast: Breakfast, widely regarded as the most significant meal of the day, gives the brain the vital energy it needs.

​Listening to loud music: Long-term loud music exposure can affect the function of the brain and cause noise-induced hearing loss.

​Poor nutrition: The communication and resilience of the brain against neurodegenerative diseases are significantly impacted by our diet.