From the CA Foundation to a Chartered Accountant

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The CA Foundation exam is a prerequisite for obtaining a basic understanding of business laws, accounting, economics, and mathematics.

Advance to the CA Intermediate level to enhance comprehension of cost accounting, financial accounting, taxation, and auditing subjects.

Articleship: To gain real-world experience, complete a 3 year program guided by a professional chartered accountant or a CA company.

CA Final: Acquire the necessary skills to pass the advanced accounting, tax, financial management, and strategic management tests.

The AICITSS is an advanced course designed to enhance IT skills and soft skills required for a CA position.

Successful completion of all conditions leads to membership in the ICAI and formal status as a chartered accountant.

Engaging in ongoing professional development programs is crucial for staying updated with changes in laws, rules, and accounting standards.

Utilize your CA degree to explore lucrative career paths in corporate management, auditing, and consulting, thereby enhancing your professional prospects.