Top 10 Scoring Topics of CBSE Class 12 Accountancy

1. Analysis of Financial Statements: Financial statement analysis evaluates business performance and value.

2. Cash Flow Statement: This is a financial statement that shows how cash entered and exited a company during an accounting period.

3. Accounting for Share Capital: A company's share capital appears in the shareholder's equity section of its balance sheet.

4. Financial Statements of Not-for-Profit Organizations: These help them track their cash position and understand their sources and uses.

5. Accounting for Debentures: Debentures may be issued for cash, consideration other than cash, and as collateral security.

6. Accounting for Bills of Exchange: Involves making journal entries and preparing ledger accounts in the books of the drawer and drawer.

7. Rectification of Errors: Rectification of errors in accounting is the process of identifying and correcting mistakes in financial transactions.

8. Depreciation, Provisions, and Reserves: The revenue of a given period is matched against the expenses for the same period.

9. Company Accounts and Financial Statements: The three main types are the balance sheet, the income, and the cash flow statement.

10. Partnership Accounting: The capital account keeps track of investment balances and partner payouts.