CA Exam 2024: 7 Quick Hacks to Boost Your Score

Challenge Yourself: One of the most important aspects of scoring good marks in exams is to track yourself and keep growing.

Yoga & Meditation: Yoga is an extremely useful technique to boost your concentration and stay healthy while gearing up for an exam.

Practice Sample Papers: The best way to test what you have learned is through the previous year's sample papers as well as mock tests.

Locate Your Weak Points: You should make a note of your weak concepts and work on them along with the rest of the subjects.

Find The Scoring Sections: In every exam, multiple ones where one can easily score marks with minimal effort.

Create Your Study Notes: Preparation is done best when you have your notes prepared in your language.

Opt for Group Study: Studying in groups can be another engaging method to score good marks in exams.