How to Get 90+ marks in CA Inter Exam? 

To get good marks in CA Inter exam, from preparation to the exam itself, you have to take special care of some things.

1. Make a Time Table: If you want to get good marks in CA Inter Exam then first make a time table.

2. Clear Concept: Understanding, not memorization, ensures accurate answers across different question types for any topic.

3. How much time to which subject: Give time to each subject according to its weightage and toughness level.

4. Make Notes: Notes aid in last-minute preparation, offer writing practice, and enhance understanding and retention of topics.

6. Old Question Papers: Solving question papers of previous exams is one of the most important parts of exam preparation.

7. Mock Test Practice: Simulate exam conditions at home, practicing with previous year's question papers regularly.

8. Say no to gadgets: Minimize distractions by limiting screen time, prioritizing study over gaming and social media browsing.