Know How to Prepare for CA Foundation Course in 4 Months 

Follow these 7 Smart pieces of advice given in this webstoris to crack the  CA Foundation level in your first attempt.

1. Prepare a Time-Table : The first step before starting your studies is to prepare a timetable. Those students who think that making a timetable is a waste of time done a blunder mistake.

2. Join the proper coaching: A proper CA Foundation coaching helps you a lot in gaining clarity over your concepts. So, it is very important to choose CA foundation coaching. 

3. Focus on Statistics and Logical Reasoning: Non-Maths commerce students prioritize Statistics and Logical Reasoning for better CA Foundation exam performance.

4. Prepare Revision Notes: The course is very vast and almost impossible to revise in a day so the best source notes to revise at the exam time are your own handwritten notes. 

5. Command Over Calculator: Learn to master the use of the calculator, as it will save you precious minutes. Know the use of all the buttons and how to use them correctly.

6. Minimum Three Times Revision: The course is vast and needed to get revise at least three times before exams. Plan your revision efficiently.

7. Practice with Test Papers: CA Foundation papers aid time management and accurate question analysis for successful exam preparation.