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9 Benefits of CA Online Classes Over CA Offline Coaching

Chartered Accountancy is one of the most profitable and popular courses conducted by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. Students pursuing this course are called accountants at the end. It is also considered one of the toughest courses practiced in India. It is done in three levels:

  • CA Foundation
  • CA Intermediate
  • CA Finals

CA Final is the last level and it is after this that they are officially declared as Chartered Accountants. For all the aspirants pursuing this course attending coaching, institutes are a must. They do so to boost up their skills and knowledge. They can do it both online via phones, laptops, and other electronic devices as well as via offline classes, i.e., learning from a teacher where both the parties are present physically.

Comparing CA Online and CA Offline Classes: 

A lot of time is saved:

One of the best points of CA online classes is that it saves the time used by the candidate in traveling to and fro from the classes. The choices for students are not limited to any one coaching class in the nearby area, they get a lot of online options to choose from, connect with any class anywhere without having to worry about commuting. They will neither have to travel distances nor have to stay away from their home whereas in the case of offline classes some students have to travel miles to attend their classes. Sometimes students end up traveling more rather than studying. Their coaching is 1 hour away which means a journey of 2 hours. This time is well consumed during online classes. Thus, in this respect, CA online video lectures are better than offline classes.

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Students can join their online classes whenever they want and wherever they want. In case students often do a part-time job along with their studies and prefer to take their classes at night. For such students, online classes are far better than live classrooms. Speaking of offline classes, students are locked within a limited period and cannot do any other task during that time. They have to be present at the physical location and in case of work, they have no other choice than to leave the class. In online classes, students also have different options from live online classes to Pen drive classes, and they can choose as per their feasibility.

Replaying the Content:

Many times the students miss the concept or are unable to grasp it in a single shot. They can ask the teacher to repeat the content in their face-to-face classes but cannot ask more than the teacher’s patience. Whereas in the case of online classes, students can replay the sessions as many times as they want and also anytime. Hence, here also are online classes are better as you can replay the class and understand the theory until you are not satisfied.

Speed controller:

You can play the classes at a speed as per your comfort. You can stop it and continue it later, you can play it again, you can rewind it, you can adjust its speed as per your compiler at 2.5 x or 0.5 x. But in the case of offline classes, the students cannot ask the teacher to pause and continue when the student desires. In case the teacher is speaking fast, the student cannot adjust the speed and listen accordingly. Thus, here too online classes win over offline classes.

No issue of forgetting or missing the classes:

Not joining even a single class can make it difficult to understand the whole topic as every topic is linked to another. And sometimes or in some institutes students cannot ask the teacher to conduct another class too, as they are charged per extra lecture. Online CA classes resolve this problem by providing lectures and seminars on the student’s demand and according to their convenience. The student can connect his class anytime he wishes and attains his knowledge. Thus, online classes are better than offline classes.

No more Clashing of Classes:

 This problem is faced by many CA students. They often find themselves at a crossroads of what to gain and what to lose. At the cost of accounting, they give up their elective subject classes. They struggle to cover up all the subjects but are unable to as the timing of their classes matches. The answer here would be why not plan your studies with both the facilities together. With their online classes, they study different subjects at different points of time, around midnight too at times. In this respect too, online classes are better.

Study materials:

For attending online classes students can study easily using PPTs or PDFs or other electronic study material. But the main problem arises during the papers. They desire written materials as their eyes and mind both start to give up as students study at a stretch for hours and it gets very exhausting looking at the screen for such long durations. While studying with the pen drive classes they are free to learn the way they want but are stuck when it comes to the face to face situations. Thus, in this aspect, offline classes have a stronger point than online classes.

Individual attention:

With offline classes students develop a personal bond with the teachers they are working with. This helps them to ask their questions or queries directly and get a better reference. Also with a taste of personal touch, studies are enhanced and the student understands things better. Hence with this, we can say that the offline class is better than online classes.

Studious environment:

In the coaching institutes the atmosphere surrounding the aspirants is very studious and of questions, answers, or a new theory. But when it comes to studying at their respective houses in their cozy beds, it is extremely hard to match online and offline classes here. The student in offline coaching strives in a competitive environment and knows how to match things well compared to online classes.

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In the end, it can be said that offline and online classes stand apart with their own merits and demerits. It overall depends upon the student and his determination to study, if he believes in hard work and has strong willpower; he will stand bright by studying in any class. But to conclude with an answer for ‘online classes VS offline classes’ it is a very personalized decision and students should make that decision keeping in mind their situation and needs.

At Mittal Commerce Classes you have the option to choose from Offline as well as Online classes and start preparing for the CA exams.

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