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CA Course Fees for Foundation, Intermediate and Final

If you are looking for Details about Complete  CA Course Fees Structure then you are on the right article. Here we will let you all the updated information about Total  CA course fees. Know more about CA course fees structure, CA registration fees, CA Foundation/CPT fees, CA intermediate/ IPCC course fees, CA final new course registration fees or old course registration fees

The CA Course in India is considered as one of the toughest course.

The duration of CA course, starting from registering for the foundation course and becoming a CA is for a minimum of 4 years. In these four years, you have to clear 3 basic levels Foundation, Intermediate and Finals.

You have to undergo practical training for 3 years, which is mandatory according to ICAI guidelines.  It won’t be wrong if we say this course emphasis on “learning through experience “.

To clear the theoretical exams, students seek help from experts through coaching and tuition and prepare for exams in the limited time they have.

CA course is one of the reasonable professional course as compared to the cost of other courses in India. The cost of the total course including ICAI fees, books, study material, and coaching and tuition expenses cumulatively don’t exceed more than 4 lakh in India.

CA Foundation Course Fees

CA Foundation course is the first most level to be cleared in pursuing  CA course. The registration for this course can be made twice in a year in the month of June and December. The fees structure for foundation course is RS 11300/- which includes registration fees, journal membership fees, examination fees,

Before moving ahead let us understand why do ICAI charges following fees from students.

CA Foundation Registration Fees

The Registration fee is charged from student to register for the course and the student are benefited with a varied program sponsored by ICAI related to new updating and introduction of new techniques to meet current demands in skills.

The Registration Fee for Foundation course is Rs 9000/-

ICAI Journal Membership Fees 

ICAI has its own in-house publication department exclusively working to publish the magazine for CA  students and member . This magazine has updated information on industry and about CA course. To support the go green movement and to be socially liable, they are also coming up with E-magazine. 

Journals membership  Rs 200/- for a year is paid to receive this magazine.

This fee is optional to students.

CA Foundation Application Fees

After registering for the Foundation course and taking mandatory study time of  4 months, students register for examination which is held in the month of May and December. The examination is held at various centers across India organized by ICAI.

Examination fee or application fee of Rs 1500/- is paid by the student to get admit card and appear for exams.

Examination fees for foundation Course

(i) Rs. 1500/- (For opting a Centre in India).
(ii) INR 2200/- (For opting Kathmandu Centre)
(iii) US$ 325/- (For opting Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Doha or Muscat Centres)
Late Fee of INR 600/- for Centres in India and Kathmandu (US$10 for Overseas Centres) is applicable

Total CA Foundation Course Fees
Particular For overseas For Indian students
Registration Fees Us$700 Rs9000
Journal membership for a year Us $20 Rs200
Examination fees Us$325 Rs1500
Practical training fees  
Online form fees Us$20 Rs200
Total Us$1065 Rs 10900

CA Fee Structure for Reappearing Again for Foundation Exams

The validity for registration foundation course is for 3 years. After completion of the registration period, you can revalidate it again by paying Rs 500.

All those students who are not able to clear their Foundation exams need to pay only examination fees again and get a new admit card to appear in next exams.

Fee Structure for a Student Changing from Old CPT to the New Foundation Course

If registration is still valid and student want to change their course from the old scheme to the new scheme then, they pay only Rs 500 for changing the scheme.

CA Intermediate Course Fees

The student can register for the CA intermediate course under two different approaches

The fee structure for Intermediate Level under Foundation route, Direct entry route includes

In Foundation Route students clear their Foundation exams and registers for Intermediate level. Intermediate level registration is done twice a year in the month of August and February.
Direct entry scheme is for the student who wants to exempt Foundation Level and reach directly to Intermediate level. There are again two possibilities for this approach

  • The student who are graduate or postgraduate
  • The student who is at the intermediate level of CS course or CFA course  and want to be CA
  • They can directly register for Intermediate level.

CA Intermediate Registration Fees

The registration fee for Intermediate level is different for a single group and both groups.

The student from the foundation route can register either for a single group or both group according to their preparation. The registration fee for the single group is Rs11000 and for both group is Rs 15000

Students from Direct Entry Route have to register for both groups.The registartion fee for both groups is Rs15000

The registration fee for students from overseas for Intermediate level is US$600 for single group and US$ 1000 fro both groups

Examination Fee or Application Fee for CA Intermediate Course

Examination fee or application fee for Intermediate single group is Rs 1500 and for both groups, the Intermediate examination fee is Rs 2700.

The student from the foundation route can enrol either for a single group or both group exams according to their preparation. Theexamination fee for the single group is Rs1500 and for both group is Rs 2700

Students from Direct Entry Route have to register for both groups,but they can appear for single group exams The examination fee for both groups is Rs 2700.

The Intermediate examination fee for students from overseas is US$325 for a single group and US$ 500 for both groups

Journal Fee for Intermediate level

The journals are free of cost for students at this level.

But for students registering under Direct entry route need to pay Rs 200 for journal subscription

Students Activity Fees for Intermediate Level

Student Activity Fees is paid to experience different workshops, seminars conferences held by ICAI during this level. All the students have to to pay Rs 2000.

ICITSS Fees for Intermediate level

ICITSS fees ICAI has revised the old practical training program of Information Technology and orientation Program into a combo pack of the ICITSS. It’s mandatory  4-week training for CA students.ICAI taking this session for a minimum of 6 hours for 15 days. This training helps students to get acquainted with the software used for accounting purposes and interaction with the outer world. An ICITSS fee of Rs 13500/- is the cost of conducting these sessions. The fee is the same for all the students.

Registration validity of Intermediate is for 4 years. Registration can be validated again by paying Rs 400.

CA Intermediate Total Fees

The journals are free of cost for a student at this level.

Total CA Intermediate Course Fees
Particular Intermediate single group(Rs)(foundation entry) Intermediate Both(Rs)(foundation entry Intermediate fee for Direct Entry Route
Journal membership     200
Examination fees 1500 2700 2700
Registration fees 11000 15000 15000
Practical training fees 6500+7000 6500+7000 ICITSS 6500+7000
Online form fees 200 200 200
Students activity fees 2000 2000 2000
Total 28200 33400 33600

CA Intermediate Fees for Student Overseas

Fees Both Group Single Group
Registration Fees Us$1000 Us$600
Examination fees Us$ 500 Us$ 325

Late Fee of INR 600/- for Centres in India and Kathmandu (US$10 for Overseas Centres) is applicable

Fee for Students changing from old IPCC course to new Intermediate course: If registration is still valid and student want to change their course, they pay Rs 500/- for changing the scheme.

The fee structure for reappearing again for Intermediate exams. The validity of registration in Intermediate is for 4 years. After expiry registration, you can validate it again by paying Rs 400/-.

CA Final Course Fees

CA final course is the last stage of the CA program. The registration can be done anytime after completing 3 years of practical training and clearing Intermediate level. The registration is valid for 5 years and can be validated again. The fee is not declared for revalidating the registration.

Registration Fees for CA Final

Registration fees for CA final level is RS 22000 for both groups.
The Final registration fee for students from overseas is US$ 1000 for both groups

Application /Exam Fee for CA Final

Examination fee or application fee is  Rs 3500/-  for both groups and Rs, 1800/- is for a single group.
The Final examination fee for students from overseas is US$ 550 for both groups

Articleship/Practical Training Fee for CA Final

Articleship fees of Rs 2000 is paid during the time of registration, or on the commencement of Practical training

The students also need to pay Rs 500 to register for the assessment test of Practical training scheduled by ICAI to evaluate the student’s practical knowledge gained during Articleship.

AICITSS Training Fee for CA Final

AICITSS training is divided into two groups information technology and soft skills with the fee of Rs7000 and RS7500 respectively.

Total Fee for CA Final

Total CA Final Course Fees
Particular Articleship Finals Overseas student
Registration Fees   22000 Us$1000
Journal membership Free Free  
Examination fees   1800/3300 $550
Practical training fees(7000+7500) 2000 14500  
Total 2000 39800 $1550

Late Fee of INR 600/- for Centres in India and Kathmandu (US$10 for Overseas Centres) is applicable  

The well-reputed coaching institute charge approximately 2 lakh to 2.5 lakh for the total CA course. You can also take classes for particular levels or subjects according to your choice.

The reattempt to examination adds more cost to the fee structure.

Hope this article helps you to understand the fees involved in pursuing the CA certificate.

Wishing you the best of luck and keep yourself healthy and fiduciary.

Frequently Asked Question(FAQ)

Q1. What is the registration fees for direct entry route in intermediate?

Ans. You need to pay registration fees of Rs 15000 of both groups along with 200 Rs of registration form and student.

Q2. Do I need to pay journal subscription fees for every year?

Ans. No, subscription charges for the journal are optional. ICAI provides journals to its member and student at nominal fees. if you are other than student and member, you can ask for journals by paying rs 50 for it.

Q3. How much do I need to pay to recheck my answer sheet?

Ans. You need to pay Rs 100 per answer sheet and a 500 for any changes in mark the sheet

Q4. How much do I need to pay to validate my final registration again

Ans. Fees to validate final registration has yet not issued by ICAI

Q5. Is my registration fee refundable?

Ans. No, examination fees and registration fees are not refundable. The provision to refund is only when there is a technological glitch.

Now you know all the details about CA course fees like CA registration fees and CA fee structure, CA Foundation course fees, CA Intermediate course fees and CA Final Course fees.

Hope this article was useful for you.

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