The Best Reference Book for CA Foundation Exam

Many a time we receive queries from students asking about the best books for reference for the Foundation exams. So if you are studying for CA foundation exams 2021 then this article will guide you through the best books you can use to study for your exams.

The Duration of CA Foundation course is of 4 months if you clear it in the first attempt. They are conducted in the month of May/June and November/December i.e. twice a year. Those who register on or before 31st December 2020 will be eligible for May 2021 Exam term. Just like that the last date of registration is June 30th, 2021 for appearing in the CA Foundation Exam of November 2021. 

The ICAI has made available study materials for the Foundation exam on the official website. Also, there are study materials, Questions for practice, Revision test papers, Mock test papers, Question papers and suggested answers for Preparation of Foundation exams.

In spite of study materials, students are always on the look for new study material that will make their studies much more specific and effective. They also prefer books which are new in the market. Based on the recommendations of the top faculty members of the Foundation course and rank holders and also those who scored the highest marks in particulars subjects. We have summarized the best books for Foundation Course which will help you in preparation for the Exams.

The study material mentioned below is sufficient to study for the Foundation Exams. They are quite popular among students for preparations. But if you are looking for other books then you also might want to check out the listed reference books. This is the list of the books recommended by the CA teachers, rank holders and also CA students. 

CA Foundation Books for Paper 1- Principles and practice of Accounting.

P.C. Tulsian and Bharat Tulsian.

The revised edition of this book which is released gives a comprehensive explanation of Accounting. This book is entirely in line with the CA Foundation syllabus, which makes it quite popular among the students. In the last month of exam preparation, you can refer to this book to use its supplementary Quick Revision Book. (QRB) to strengthen and revise the topics. With over 250 solved problems and more than 500 illustrations this book makes you master the topic of accountancy. QRB consists of a solved scanner for theoretical questions, short notes, true and false questions, previous years’ examination papers etc.

CA Foundation Books for Paper -2. Business laws and business correspondence and reporting.


The revised edition of Tulsian’s business law is prepared as per the updated CA Foundation syllabus. The book covers the syllabus for section A of paper 2 on business law. The Indian Contract Act 1872. The sales good Act.1930. The Indian partnership act 1932 The limited liability partnership act, 2008. and the companies Act 2013. The book caters to the need of Foundation exam students.

CA Foundation Book for paper 3. Business mathematics,  statistics and logical reasoning.

Kailash Thakur– 

This book is a real gem to learn about the tips and tricks from using calculators to special and shortcuts tricks that you can use while solving mathematical problems. Comparative statistics help to quickly memorize. This book by Kailash Thakur covers more than 5 years of CA Foundation question paper.

CA Foundation Book for paper 4. Business Economics and Business and commercial knowledge. 

Bharat Tulsian. P. C Tulsian. 

Business Economics book has been designed keeping in mind the ICAI CA foundation updated syllabus. This book explains business economics and business and commercial knowledge. It explains the economic topics in great detail. It provides a perfect blend of conceptual learning and problem-solving approach. There has been lots of positive feedback from readers about this book. PM Salwan’s book on Business Economics, Business and Commercial knowledge are also recommended by students who passed the Foundation exam. 

The topics included in the book are –

  • Nature and Scope of Business Economics 
  • Theory of Demand and Supply.
  • Theory of Production and cost.
  • Price Determinations in different markets.
  • Business cycles.

CA Foundation scanner cum compiler.

Dr S.K Agarwal, CA Manmeet Kaur.

There are two volumes available for the Foundation exams. 

The first Volume being Principles and practice of Accounting Paper-1.

Business law and business correspondence and reporting, Paper-2. 

Business Mathematics, Logical reasoning and statistics. Paper 3.

Business Economics, Business and commercial knowledge. Paper 4.

The best part of the scanner is that you will find almost 700+ theoretical questions. Case studies, illustrations, short notes and 4500 MCQs.

Also following is the list of some other books you might want to check for Foundation exams.

  • G Sekar and B Sarvana Prasath
  • MP Gupta and BM Agarwal
  • CA Amar Omar and CA Rasika Goenka
  • CA DG Sharma and Dr SK Agarwal
  • Kashyap R Trivedi and Chirag J Trivedi
  • CA Tushar Kumar and CA Mohit Bahal.
  • Dr VK Jain and CA Shashank Sharma.

If you are planning on given the Foundation Exams just make sure to first go through the syllabus of the exams in detail and try and analyze the topics. Selecting the right books for studying is a very important part and once you go through the syllabus you will understand which books cover the topics from the syllabus at great lengths. So make a choice which caters to your needs and understanding and those books will surely serve you well. If you know any new reference books or notes you can share with us as well. 

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