5 Reasons Why to Become a CA in India?

Are you confused and cannot decide what to pursue as a career? Are you looking for a career in accountancy, finance or business? Then we would suggest Chartered Accountancy is the best choice for you. Do you know that the CA course is one of the most sought-after professional courses in India? The profession of Chartered Accountancy is in India is regulated by an accounting body – ICAI, Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. Globally, ICAI stands to be the second largest professional Accounting and Finance body.

Today in this article we are going to share with you the top five reasons of why to become a Chartered accountant in India.

International benefits and opportunities:

The demand for CAs in the foreign market is very high and at a peak right now. If you have always dreamt of settling abroad when you grow up then this is the right choice for you. Do you know that out of 2 lakh alumni of ICAI, 14% of them are placed and settled abroad! The demand for CAs in the foreign market is as much as the demand is in India. Pursuing CA would be a great option for you if you are thinking of starting your international career.

Salary benefits and remuneration:

Do you know how much a professional and experienced CA in India is paid? Any guesses? No. we’ll tell you. The average salary of a well-qualified CA having a good experience of three to five years is nearly around 5 lakhs. Yes, you heard that right. That’s some big bucks. However, if you are good at business or you have multiple sources of income you can obviously earn more than the average salary. The best part about this profession is you will never see a downfall in your career income-wise.

Mobility in the profession:

While pursuing the CA Course you will get to experience a lot of different types of job roles. If you want you can even switch your job role later in this profession. Gather as much experience as you can while pursuing the course and during your practical training and then who knows you can even become an entrepreneur later in your life. Chartered Accountants are well needed in all kinds of professions these days. And since the demand is high, the money offered by various organisations is high as well. Chartered accountants also play major roles as business advisors in various big organisations.

A secure profession:

Yes, it is actually true. It is one of the most secure job professions in the world. Big companies, small companies – all of them need good Chartered Accountants. An interesting fact is that Chartered Accountancy is considered as one of the most recession-proof professions in the UK and in India as well. If you want your career to be rewarding as well as exciting at the same time then opt for Chartered Accountancy.

Vast learning:

Contrary to the misconception that the profession of Chartered Accountancy is all about numbers, the program also helps the aspirants to develop a good understanding of business, great expertise in finance-related subjects, and technical skills as well. This type of training helps CAs adapt to and work in almost any sector nowadays. For those who have an entrepreneurial streak, the CA program also offers a good foundation for starting their own business.

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