Are CA Exams Really Tough? Or Is That Just a Myth?

CA exams myth

Every year, some 120,000 students appear for CA exams in India, after completing their 12th grade. Of these, only 50,000 remain inspired and succeed to become qualified chartered accountants. This statistic creates not only fear but also some myths about this profession and the process of being in this profession.

So, are CA exams tough? Or is that just a myth?

The truth is, enrolling for CA is simple. The real challenge is passing out! A CA course is challenging as the syllabus is vast. Clearing all levels of CA needs intelligence combined with plenty of hard work. This may become very frustrating as, after a certain age, the career opportunities available become limited. So, CA is not difficult because of the low pass percentage; it becomes tough because aspirants get stuck in the later stages of CA, which are heavy on studies.

The CA exam is not very hard to crack. You need the right strategy to clear the papers thoroughly. But, preparing for it is where the maximum hard work comes in. CA requires dedication, preparation, and hard work. Students must have a proper strategy to deal with the chapters and exams. Studying from every available resource will not help. One needs to figure out what exactly can help in achieving the best result. Enrolling for a good and experienced CA classes can help this process.

The CA exam can be attempted by students who have completed 12th standard, graduates and professionals. Yet, it is considered one of the hardest tests to pass in India. Why? Some reasons are the unrealistic expectations, poor study strategies and incompetent coaching students receive. Also, the low rate of success in these exams gives one the impression of them being extremely tough. It is a rigorous effort that makes people lose interest and confidence. Being a CA student also means having to study a variety of topics intensely. There are general subjects like Economics, Mathematics, Law, IT, General Management, Statistics, etc. There are also some specialized subjects like Law, Cost Accounting and many others. Qualifying as a CA never means you can stop studying. Remaining up-to-date with all the changes in finance and laws is the top priority of a CA as they perform advisory and consulting roles to laypersons and companies. Young CAs are already very up-to-date, which often pose a threat to those who are not.

CA can also be tough for those students who study in Hindi and appear for English exams. It is very challenging for such students to survive the competition. Reservations and quotas do help to some extent. However, just like any challenge in life, discipline and the right attitude can help reach unattainable goals and make things simpler. 

CA is a very lucrative career, so if you are determined to succeed, the best way is to dedicate those 5 years of your life and put yourself to the task. You can be the one to break the CA myth!

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