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Are CA Online / Pen Drive Classes the “easy route” to being a CA? Find out here

Are CA Online / Pen Drive Classes the "easy route" to being a CA? Find out here

From self-study to coaching classes and now CA Online / Pen Drive classes – there are many ways to achieve success in the CA exams. Each of these ways has its advantages and disadvantages. A lot of CA aspirants are on the lookout for an “easy route” to achieving success as CA examinees.

The truth if the matter is, there is no “easy way”, really. Each of these methods has its pros and cons. These pros and cons differ, based on various factors.

Let’s examine exactly how “easy” self-study, coaching classes and Online / Pen Drive CA classes are –

Self-Study: It seems easy because it is entirely independent of external parties. A CA student has to formulate a timetable and adhere to it. Study plans and mock tests are all done on one’s own steam. So, it is an “easy route”, which does not tie you to an external class’ timetable or location.

Yet, how easy it is depends on the self-discipline of the student. Self-study needs immense amounts of self-motivation.

CA Coaching Classes: CA Coaching Classes are a good platform to boost one’s CA exams prospects. Classes are rigorous and offer complete solutions – study plans, test papers, clearance of doubts, trainer availability and peer groups. This gives it the appearance of an “easy route”.

The factors to keep in mind are the quality of the classes themselves, costs attached, distance from home (to mark travel time) and class timings vis-à-vis self-study and college hours.

CA Online / Pen Drive Classes: The boom in CA Online / Pen Drive classes is due saving time and energy for students. Those in remote places access any lecture by any trainer and bring themselves on par with other CA aspirants. Language hurdles are also eliminated as lessons have subtitles and language options.

Further, students have the convenience of viewing lectures as per their timetable. They do not need to travel to a class. Also, help and guidance is available as chat rooms, video discussions or Online / Pen Drive messaging boards. All these factors make CA Online / Pen Drive classes seem like the “easy route” to becoming a CA Online / Pen Drive.

However, it is important to remember that, like self-study, CA Online / Pen Drive classes need a lot of self-discipline and self-motivation. There is no external party like a trainer or a class organiser who draws up your study plans or plans your test papers. So, a student needs to watch lectures, take notes and understand concepts on his or her own. There is also no interpersonal communication during lectures, which could create boredom or confusion. This results in a lot of students leaving 50% of the course incomplete and wasted.

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