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CA Foundation Economics – Syllabus, Study Material & Mock Test Papers

CA Foundation economics study material, syllabus nad mock test papers

“You can score distinction with these study material” Get CA Foundation Economics Paper Study Material, Syllabus, Mock Test Paper in Pdf format at one place. 

Paper 4 of CA Foundation course is “Business Economics and Business and Commercial Knowledge”. This is then divided into two parts.

Part 1 Business Economics (60 Marks)

Where the main objective is to develop a total understanding of the concept and theories of Business Economics and applying such theories in problem-solving.

Part 2  Business And Commercial Knowledge (40 Marks)

Where the objective is to develop an understanding of common business and their concepts and to side by said face the changes in the domestic and international market. Business Economics And Business And Commercial Knowledge papers are of 100 marks which are divided into two sections,  Business Economics is partially theoretical and partially practical whereas Business and Commercial Knowledge is 100% theoretical, where students need to define the state or explain the concepts related to the subjects.

CA Foundation Economics Syllabus 2023:

1. Introduction to Business Economics
Meaning and scope of Business Economics Basic Problems of an Economy and Role of Price Mechanism.
2. Theory of Demand and Supply
Meaning and determinants of demand, Law of demand and Elasticity of demand ─ Price, income and cross elasticity
Theory of consumer’s behavior – Marshallian approach and Indifference curve approach
Meaning and determinants of supply, Law of supply and Elasticity of supply.
Demand Forecasting
3. Theory of Production and Cost
Meaning and Factors of production
Laws of Production – The Law of Variable proportions and Laws of Returns to Scale, Producer’s equilibrium
Concepts of Costs ─ Short-run and long-run costs, Average and marginal costs, Total, fixed and variable costs.
4. Price Determination in Different Markets
Various forms of markets – Perfect Competition, Monopoly, Monopolistic Competition and Oligopoly
Price determination in these markets.
5. Business Cycles
Causes behind these Cycles.

Part B  Business and Commercial Knowledge

1. Introduction to Business
Nature of Business, Profession, and Employment. Objectives of Business. Economic and Non-Economic Activities, Forms of Business Organizations.
2. Business Environment
Micro and Macro Environment, Elements of Micro Environment – Consumers/Customers, Competitors, Organization, Market, suppliers, Intermediaries, Elements of Macro Environment – Demographic, Economic, Political-legal, Socio-cultural, Technological, Global Environment.
3. Business organizations
Overview of leading Indian and Global Companies.
4. Government Policies for Business Growth
Policies creating a conducive business environment such as Liberalization, Privatization, Foreign Direct Investment.
5. Organizations facilitating Business
Indian regulatory bodies – SEBI, RBI, IRDA, CCI
Indian Development Banks – IFCI, SIDBI, EXIM Bank, NABARD
6. Common Business Terminologies
Finance Terminologies
Marketing Terminologies.
Stock & Commodity Markets Terminologies
Banking Terminologies.
Other Business Terminologies.

NOTE: Students are expected to read at least one financial newspaper and one business magazine on a regular basis. They may also watch a business channel to remain updated about the developments related to the commercial world.

The student can download CA Foundation economics syllabus in Pdf format from given link – Download

CA Foundation Economics Study Material 2023:

Download CA Foundation Study Material for Economics in Pdf format.

CA Foundation Business Economics Study Material 2023

Initial Pages
Chapter 1: Nature & Scope of Business Economics
Unit I: Introduction
Unit II: Basic Problems of an Economy & Role of Price Mechanism
Chapter 2: Theory of Demand and Supply
Unit I: Law of Demand and Elasticity of Demand
Unit II: Theory of Consumer Behaviour
Unit III: Supply
Chapter 3: Theory of Production and Cost
Unit I: Theory of Production
Unit II: Theory of Cost
Chapter 4: Meaning and Types of Markets
Unit I: Meaning and Types of Markets
Unit II: Determination of Prices
Unit III: Price Output Determination under Different Market Forms
Chapter 5: Business Cycles

Business And Commercial Knowledge Study Material

Initial Pages
Chapter 1: Introduction to Business & BCK
Chapter 2: Business Environment Chapter 3: Business Organizations
Chapter 4: Government Policies for Business Growth
Chapter 5: Organizations Facilitating Business
Chapter 6: Common Business Terminologies

CA Foundation Economics Mock Test Papers, Glossary And Self Examination Questions:

Download CA Foundation Mock Test Papers for Economics

CA Foundation Economics Mock Test Papers

To understand the terminology please download the glossary section too. Glossary
To understand the question paper pattern and the level of difficulty of the questioning student should download these questions and try to solve it Self-Examination Questions
Mock test paper is good practice material to prepare for exams Series -I
Series – II Question

The practice is the key to success. If you are clear with economics concept and theories then it’s just the logic which you need to put. So our guide for the students would be to be attentive in your class and grasp the information poured out on you. The success key to this subject is only on having a clear concept.

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