Get CA Foundation Law Study Material, MTP, RPT and Question Papers

Get CA Foundation Law Study Material, MTP, RPT and Question Papers

All you need for CA foundation law (Business Law and Business Correspondence Business Reporting)is discussed here in this article, read and know everything you should know!

CA Foundation Law

Paper 2 of CA foundation course is Business law and Business correspondence and reporting. The major objective of the paper is to develop the understanding of business and its legal network and develops the analytical skill to address basic application oriented issue.

Here we have discussed :

CA Foundation Law Study Material

Here is the study material for the law ( Business Law), which we suggest candidate to download from here and use it as a reference book to understand the fundamental of this subject

Study Material for CA Foundation Business Law

Download CA Foundation Study material for Business Law from given link below

Chapter 1: The Indian Contract Act, 1872

Unit 1: Nature of Contracts
Unit 2: Consideration
Unit 3: Other Essential Elements of a Contract
Unit 4: Performance of Contract
Unit 5: Breach of Contract and its Remedies
Unit 6: Contingent and Quasi Contracts

Chapter 2: The Sale of Goods Act, 1930

Unit 1: Formation of the Contract of Sale
Unit 2: Conditions & Warranties
Unit 3: Transfer of Ownership and Delivery of Goods
Unit 4: Unpaid Seller

Chapter 3: The Indian Partnership Act, 1932

Unit 1: General Nature of a Partnership

Unit 2: Relations of Partners

Unit 3: Registration and Dissolution of a Firm
Chapter 4: The Limited Liability Partnership
Chapter 5: The Companies Act, 2013

Study Material for CA Foundation Business Correspondence and Reporting

Chapter 1: CommunicationChapter

2: Sentence Types and Direct-Indirect, Active-Passive SpeechChapter3: VocabularyChapter 4: Comprehension Passages

Chapter 5: Note Making

Chapter 6: Introduction to Basics of Writing

Chapter 7: Precis Writing

Chapter 8: Article Writing

Chapter 9: Report Writing

Chapter 10: Writing Formal Letters and Official Communication

Part I: Formal Letters

Part II: Official Communication

Chapter 11: Writing Formal Mails

Chapter 12: Resume Writing

Chapter 13: Meetings

CA Foundation Law Mock Test Papers and Revision Test Papers

Mock Test Papers and RTP For CA Foundation Business Law

Revision Test Papers for Business LawQuestions for Practice
May 2018November 2018
Series – I

Series – II

For CA Foundation Business Correspondence and Reporting

Revision Test PapersMock Test Paper
May 2018QuestionAnswer

CA Foundation Law Question Papers with Suggested Answers

It is advice to students, to practice these test paper and CA Foundation question paper of the previous attempt, to get an idea about the pattern and expectation from ICAI for the exam in 2019

Question PapersSuggested Answers
November 2018May 2018May 2018

CA Foundation Law Weightage

CA Foundation Business Law Weightage

The Indian Partnership Act, 193220%-25%
The Companies Act, 201315%-20%
The Indian Contract Act, 187225%-30%
The Limited Liability Partnership Act, 20085%-10%
The Sale of Goods Act, 193020%-25%

Business Correspondence Business Reporting Weightage

Sentence Types and Vocabulary20%-30%
Vocabulary Root Words, Synonyms, Antonyms, Prefixes, Suffixes, Phrasal verbs, Collocations, and Idioms.
Developing Writing Skills35%-40%
Comprehension Passages and Note-Making20%-30%

CA Foundation Law Syllabus

CA Foundation Syllabus for Law is given below

Business Law Syllabus

Objective:To develop an understanding of significant provisions of select business laws and acquire the ability to address basic application-oriented issues.


  • The Indian Contract Act, 1872
  • The Indian Partnership Act, 1932
  • The Limited Liability Partnership Act, 2008.
  • The Companies Act, 2013

Business Correspondence Business Reporting

Objective:To acquire and develop good communication skills required for business correspondence and reporting. Part – II: Sentence Types and Word Power
Sentence Types (Direct -Indirect, Active-Passive Speech)
Sentence: Definition
Classification of sentence based on connotation
Sentence Structure
Types of sentences
Direct-Indirect Speech
Active Passive Voice: Introduction
Verbs Voice Active or passive
Part – III: Comprehension Passages and Note-Making
Comprehension Passages
Note Making
Introduction to Note Making
The significance of Note Making
Detailed Format Heading(Title)
Steps to Comprehend and summarize text
Helpful Hints
Sample Passages with Notes
Part – IV: Developing Writing Skills
Introduction to Basic Writing

Process of writing
Styles of Writing
Significance of writing skills for students
Writing Conventions
Characteristics of good writing
Do’s and Don’ts of good writing
Précis Writing
What is Précis writing?
Features of good Précis writing
How to write a Précis
Do’s and Don’ts of Précis writing
Examples (Passages with Précis)
Article Writing
What is an Article?
Essential elements of Article Writing
Detailed Format
Report Writing
What is a Report?
Essential elements of Report Writing
Kinds of Reports
Detailed Format for (iii) above
Writing Formal Letters
Types of Letters
The detailed format for (i) above
Points to Remember
Sample Letters
How to Write a Formal Mail?
Writing Effective Mails
Essential elements of Mails
Tips and Conventions of Mails
Sample Mails
Resume Writing
Essential Elements of Resume
Resume Writing Tips and Conventions
Sample Resumes

CA Foundation Law Preparation Tips

It becomes quite easy to prepare and write exams if a certain methodology is known. The student not only saves their time but also create expertise in solving every bit of question. Some methodology is listed as an aid to CA aspirants

  • Go through previous study material, question paper, mock test paper and then go through suggested answers by ICAI as it will give a brief understanding of ICAI format and expectation.
  • Divide all your answer into 3 major groups, identifying the problem, solution or suggestion to the problems according to legal network and conclusion or recommendation to the problem.
  • By heart, the section and keep revising it but even after that if you forget those section then never give wrong section number, to can let it go and write the other part of the answer.

Download all the necessary material requires for CA Foundation Preparation from here.

CA Foundation exam pattern

CA Foundation Mock test papers

CA Foundation Model Question papers

Hope this would have saved your time. print a hard copy of the pdf format and can attach to make it handier while studying

We wish you all the best for future

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