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CA Foundation Maths Paper 2024: Syllabus, Pattern, and Study Material

CA Foundation maths paper 2024


If you are planning to gear up for the CA Foundation exam in 2024, we will help guide you in this CA journey. Well, CA Foundation Maths will be one of the most important subjects you study. Additionally, you must comprehend the syllabus, learning structure, and study resources to adequately prepare. Furthermore, we’ll cover every facet of the CA Foundation Maths exam in this extensive guide to ensure you can succeed in it.

Identifying the Subject Matter Content:

The objective of the CA Foundation Maths syllabus is to evaluate your understanding of fundamental mathematical concepts. Moreover, it includes concepts including statistics, algebra, arithmetic, and commercial mathematics. Each subject has significance and demands an in-depth understanding for an adequate mathematical foundation.

Analyzing the Pattern

It is crucial to get familiar with the structure of the test and effectively organize it. Additionally, the CA Foundation Maths paper usually includes objective-type questions that urge you to figure out puzzles employing mathematical concepts. Understanding the relative importance of each topic will enable you to organize your study schedule appropriately.

What more in the CA Foundation Math exam pattern:

(i) Objective Type question paper

(ii)  Paper Duration- 2 hours

(iii)  Overall paper mark- 100

(iv)  required marks- 40%


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Relevant Concepts in CA Foundation Maths Paper

Algebra: Fundamental mathematical operations, percentages, ratios, and proportions, in addition to labor and time, have all been addressed throughout this portion. Moreover, it’s essential to emphasize that performing practice tasks relating to the above topics is crucial for comprehending this portion.  The primary concentration of this portion is on mathematical expressions, calculations, and contradictions. To perform excellently, an individual must be competent to handle algebraic formulas and answer them efficiently.

Commercial Mathematics: The following topic contains topics such as collaboration, discounting, and fascination. Additionally, accomplishment hinges on your capacity to implement these concepts in real-life situations.

Statistics: The following material contains a dispersion of variance indicators of the center of gravity and likelihood. Furthermore, to effectively solve problems in this area of study, individuals must have an excellent grasp of maths and statistics principles. Moreover, they need expertise with real-world data.

CA Foundation Quantitative Aptitude Study Material

Part-A: Business Mathematics

Part-B: Logical Reasoning

Part-C: Logical Reasoning

Chapter 1: Ratio and Proportion, Indices, Logarithms Chapter 9: Number Series, Coding and Decoding, and Odd Man Out Chapter-13:

Unit 1: Statistical Representation of

Data, Diagrammatic representation of

data, Frequency distribution, Graphical

representation of Frequency Distribution

–Histogram, Frequency Polygon, Ogive,


Unit:2 Sampling: Basic principles of

sampling theory, comparison between

sample survey and complete

enumeration, some important terms

associated sampling types of sampling,

sampling and non-sampling errors.

Chapter 2: Equations and Matrices

Unit I: Equations

Unit II: Matrices

Chapter 10: Direction Tests Chapter 14: Measures of Central Tendency and

Dispersion: Measures of Central

Tendency and Dispersion: Mean

Median, Mode, Mean Deviation,

Quartiles and Quartile Deviation,

Standard Deviation, Co-efficient of

Variation, Coefficient of Quartile


Chapter 3: Linear Inequalities Chapter 11: Seating Arrangements Chapter 15 : Probability: Independent and

dependent events; mutually exclusive

events. Total and Compound Probability

and Bayes’ theorem

Chapter 4: Mathematics of Finance

Simple Interest, Compound interest, Nominal and Effective Rate of Interest, Present Value, Net Present Value, Future Value, Perpetuity, Annuities, Sinking Funds, Calculating of EMI, Calculations of Returns: Nominal and Effective Rate of Return, Compound Annual growth rate (CAGR)

Chapter 12: Blood Relations Chapter 16: Theoretical Distributions: Random

variables, Discrete and Continuous

Random variables, Expectation of a

discrete random variable, Theoretical

VI 25%-30%

Distributions: Binomial Distribution,

Poisson distribution – basic application

and Normal Distribution – basic


Chapter 5: Basic Concepts of Permutations and Combinations

Basic Concepts of Permutations and combinations: Introduction, the factorial, permutations, results, circular permutations, permutations with restrictions, Combinations with standard results
   Chapter 17: Correlation and Regression: Scatter

diagram, Karl Pearson’s Coefficient of

Correlation Rank Correlation, Regression

lines, Regression equations, Regression


Chapter 6: Sequence and Series – Arithmetic and Geometric Progressions


between AM and GM and the Sum of n

terms of special series and Business


Chapter 18. Index Numbers: Uses of Index

Numbers, Problems involved in

construction of Index Numbers,

Methods of Construction of Index

Numbers. BSE SENSEX and NSE

Chapter 7: Sets, Functions and Relations

Basics of Limits and Continuity Functions

Chapter 8: Basic Applications of Differential

and Integral calculus in Business and Economics (Excluding the

trigonometric applications)


Obtaining CA Foundation Study Materials:

Exposure to excellent instructional resources is a must for successfully passing the CA Foundation Maths exam. Furthermore, to assist with your planning, you’ll find an array of resources readily available, namely online classes, study guides, and monographs. Additionally, by utilizing the CA Foundation Mock test papers, you can assess your accomplishments and identify topics that require function.

Online courses are increasing in prominence as an alternative to studying for examinations in the modern digital age. Additionally, the CA Foundation online classes present you with the ability to learn at your own pace as you receive expert guidance from the ease of your residence. Moreover, engaging in interactive classes and online seminars could enhance your understanding of complex mathematical concepts.

Some Advice for Efficient Preparation:

1. Develop a Study Schedule: Setting up certain hours each day for preparing for CA Foundation Maths to ensure ongoing growth.

2. Regular Practice: Acquiring mathematical principles demands regular practice. To get acquainted with the exam structure, review the prior year’s examination papers and the CA Foundation mock test papers.

3. Seeking a rational explanation: Whether you’re experiencing concerns or having difficulty comprehending anything that we do, never hesitate to inquire with your instructors or other pupils for clarification. Moreover,

4. Remaining Concentrated and Fueled: During the entire preparation procedure, have a positive mindset and maintain dedication. Furthermore, develop realistic goals while appreciating the improvements you make as you go.

CA Foundation Exam Structure and Syllabus for 2024

First things first, as per the ICAI’s recent announcement, CA Foundation Exams will start from 20 June 2024 to 26 June 2024. Now, let’s delve into the paper pattern.

Papers 1 and 2: Each paper holds 100 marks and is composed of objective-style questions. In these exams, applicants will have to respond to questions with multiple choices.

Paper 3: Having a total of 100 marks, the examination contains questions of a subjective nature. Furthermore, it is broken down into three parts: 40 marks for Business Mathematics, 20 marks for Logical Reasoning, and 40 marks for Statistics.

Paper 4: Comparably, this 100-mark paper is subjective in traits.

Passing Conditions of the CA Foundation 2024 Exam

To be eligible to succeed on the CA Foundation Exam in 2024, candidates are required to meet a number of criteria. Additionally,

  • At least 40% should be obtained on each paper. Additionally,
  • Earn an aggregate score of fifty percent of the total on all of your papers

Important Points to Think About:

1. Candidates ought to focus on the following important points: Furthermore, it’s crucial to note that negative marking is applied to inaccurate responses in Papers 1 and 2. Therefore, it’s imperative to employ meticulous response techniques.

2. Papers 3 and 4 necessitate comprehensive and in-depth answers to the questions posed. Moreover, achievement on the CA Foundation Exam 2024 involves acclimating oneself to the exam structure and obeying the necessary steps.

3. Studying the 2024 CA Foundation Syllabus: Delving into the CA Foundation Syllabus 2024.

CA Foundation Subject Breakdown  

To assist learners in understanding the subject matter more effectively, the CA Foundation syllabus for 2024 has been separated into four subjects. Now let’s examine each topic in greater depth:

Paper 1: Accounting:

This course offers a background of accounting principles. Moreover, it includes the preparation of financial statements, along with the performance of fundamental accounting operations.

Paper 2: Business Laws: 

Throughout seven chapters, applicants study several legal structures that apply to businesses, with an emphasis on communicating effectively in a business setting.

Paper 3: Quantitative Aptitude:

This paper is further divided into three sections: Statistics, Logical Reasoning, and Business Mathematics. Additionally, each section carries equal weight in the examination. These subsections, which constitute a total of 18 chapters, cover a wide range of logical and mathematical ideas that are critical to business operations.

Paper 4: Business Economics:

This course explores how economic theories are applied in real-world company settings. It offers insights into many aspects of economics and business understanding in ten chapters.

The Best CA Foundation Coaching

Discover the Best CA Foundation Coaching: MCC delivers affordable, excellent CA Foundation coaching. Additionally, consider the benefit of knowledgeable instructors, top-notch study materials, and tailored guidance as you set out on your way to a successful career in chartered accounting. Explore our online courses, which are offered in both English and Hindi. Moreover, this content. these courses have been developed to improve your educational experience and enhance your chances of achievement.


In conclusion, to prepare for the CA Foundation Maths exam, CA Students need to be dedicated, persistent, and possess a repository of exceptional CA Foundation study materials. Furthermore, the probability of clearing the 2024 exam can be enhanced by becoming informed of the subject matter and exam pattern. Moreover, making effective use of resources such as online classes and CA Foundation Mock test papers can further improve your chances. Additionally, sustaining quantity, determination, and confidence may assist you in triumphing in the CA Foundation Maths exam. Ultimately, hoping for your prosperity!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q-1. When will the CA Foundation Exam 2024 begin? 

As per the ICAI guideline, the CA Foundation Exam will be conducted from 20 June to 26 June 2024. For more updates check out ICAI Official Website. 

Q.2. How Many subjects are in the CA Foundation?

According to the New CA Foundation Syllabus there are 4 subjects.

Q.3. Does Mittal Commerce Classes provide online classes?

Yes, MCC provides online and offline  classes for CA Foundation, Inter and  final.

Q.4. How Many Marks are required to pass the CA Foundation Exam?

Well, Each paper contains 100 marks; therefore, students need to attain 40% marks each. Moreover, they should aim for an overall score of 200 marks out of 400.

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