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How Important are the Mock test series for CA Foundation Exam preparation?

Practice makes a man perfect is a very old saying but still holds truth to the date. Before giving the Foundation exams, every student must do a lot of training for it. After the changes in the pattern of the CA Foundation exams by the Indian Institute of Chartered Accountancy, your preparations should not only be theory based but they should also focus on practical as well. You should try and attempt as many questions as possible. Subjects like Accounting can’t be studied theoretically they rather need a lot of practice. And even for other subjects you will not understand  how much you have studied unless and until if you take Mock test to examine yourself. Taking tests reveals to the students where they stand in their preparation of exams. And this revealing further makes you put in all those extra hours you may have thought you don’t need.

Only  studying and not taking any Mocks test for what you have prepared will do you no good. And for this, you should understand that mock tests will play an important role in your preparation for the CA Foundation examination. Taking Mock tests will give you a fair idea of how the real examination of the CA Foundation is going to be. Practicing CA foundation mock test papers will help you to enhance your speed, which is a skill that if you develop, will really benefit you in the final exams. But precision is also important. Only  speed without being accurate is a wastage of time. Speed with accuracy will benefit you in getting  success in your CA Foundation examination.

Solving mock tests will also help you build a skill called time-management, which is very important for any examination. Just, think getting the question paper in your hand, going over it, and  being aware of the fact that you can solve all the questions but because of the restricted time frame of the examination and your poor time management skills, you are not able to solve the whole paper. This is the worst ever nightmare any student can have if he doesn’t have proper time management skills. Solving more and more mock test papers will definitely enhance this skill in all the students. It is one of the keys to that door of success  you have been eyeing for long.

Mock test papers help you to deal with the pressure of solving a paper in limited time frame. What you can do is – set a timer for the exact time duration of the main examination and then start solving the mock test papers. Not only will it enhance your speed and accuracy but will also help you to get rid as well as cope with the examination pressure that any student may face during the main exam.

Many students have a  habit of reading the theory parts in a topic as a story. For that reason they don’t understand the idea of how the question are going to be framed in the exams about the topic. Mock test papers resolve this issue too. They provide you with an overall idea of how the question can be like and are framed from the theory and practical concepts.

For passing the CA Foundation exams in one go, these are the features that all students must have in them. These shows what  role these mock test papers play and how crucial these mock test papers are for your preparation of Foundation exam.

If mock test papers are conducted in the right way, then they can be more productive and rewarding for students . MCC Mock test Series helps candidates to practice the whole course before exams. MCC is one of the best CA coaching classes, and they understand the needs of students very well, and that is the reason we are best Institute when it comes to providing Mock tests Exams. From many years, MCC students have the All India Ranks in CA Foundation, CA Intermediate and CA Final and MCC Classes students have made records for scoring the highest marks in CA Final & CA Intermediate. MCC tries to carry out Mock test papers in a similar manner as how main exams are done so that students can understand the real exam situation and become capable of handling the pressure of giving CA exams. This makes the students more confident about themselves and less anxious about appearing for exams.

Characteristics of MCC Mock Test Series-

Students often feel jittery after giving Mock exams, and many a times they do not perform well in the actual exams? The main cause of this is the lack of motivation on the day of the main exam. MCC Mock tests help students to get over the anxiety of exams before exams, and if a student does regularly practice MCC mock test series, then the student does perform better as compared to other students. MCC mock tests series are the best way of self assessment before an exam. For best results, students need to regularly practice MCC mock test papers. And if you want to achieve top rank students need to study at MCC under the guidance of the best and experienced CA teachers. Here we will talk about the reasons why MCC mock tests series are the best mock tests papers in India 

1- Preparing MCC mock test paper-

We have experienced and professional teachers drafting the paper for Mock test. All the teachers draft the mock test as per the Main CA exams, while most of the institutes try drafting the mock test based on what is taught to the students. The main purpose of mock test exams is to boost the performance of students in the final exams.

2Fair setting of mock test series of MCC

We at MCC try to be unbiased while setting paper for the mock test series. Because if teachers are biased about the class students, then mock tests become insignificant for students. For mock test series, MCC has a team of experienced professionals, who work on creating the best Mock test series. 

How much crucial are MCC Mock Test Papers for CA exam preparation?

Mock test papers are one of the important things for every CA aspirants exam preparation, MCC provides a  real exam environment to students using mock test papers. The good part about mock test papers is revision, they are very helpful for revision of the whole syllabus before the exams. This shows how crucial mock test papers can be for the CA Aspirants.

Benefits of MCC Mock Test Series in brief-

Mock test papers have proved to be the real gem for CA students, and it helps students directly in the main CA exam. Support students to develop the right strategy

  • A helping hand for learning new techniques
  • Help you to manage the time
  • Develop more confident 
  • Help in self-evaluation
  • Improve the ability to give relevant answers.

So these are the things you learn practicing for Mock test papers.

MCC does really good job of replicating the CA exams Mock tests for students to have a genuine experience of the main CA exam. If students do well in the MCC mock test then the student can pass the CA exam in one attempt. The institute follows the exact pattern of the main exam and the main purpose behind the MCC mock test papers is that every student can put their 100 % in the exam and clear CA them in one attempt.

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