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ICAI CA Foundation Logical Reasoning: Study Material and Paper Pattern

CA Foundation Logical Reasoning


The CA Foundation Course is the primary degree of the CA Course, requiring college students to skip all papers, consisting of Paper 3, Math, and Logical Reasoning. Regular exercise with question papers, pattern papers, mock test papers, and version check papers facilitates college students to master the situation. Study fabric for the logical reasoning subject can be acquired in June and December 2024, along with weightage, a syllabus, and critical recommendations for the 2024 examination.

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Overview: CA Foundation Logical Reasoning 2024

The CA Foundation route, Paper three, makes a speciality of Business Mathematics, Logical Reasoning, and Statistics, with a complete weightage of a hundred marks, making it vital for Chartered Accountants candidates, with each concern offering 40 marks and Logical Reasoning 20 marks.

Business Mathematics covers ratios, proportions, equations, and easy information. Logical Reasoning assessments assess a candidate’s potential to analyse and make results from statistics. CA Foundation Exam timetable Statistics covers measures of fundamental possibility, dispersion, and statistical evaluation. Information on those subjects is important for fulfilment within the CA Foundation exam because it prepares applicants for superior accounting and finance topics.


ICAI CA Foundation Logical Reasoning Paper Pattern

The CA Foundation Mathematics exam consists of 100 questions divided into three sections: Business Mathematics, Logical Reasoning, and Statistics. Each step has a certain weightage, which contributes to the overall ranking. CA Foundation Logical Reasoning Paper Pattern This examination takes two hours and requires complete knowledge of the subject, effective time management, and strategic planning for complete success.

Paper Pattern for the CA Foundation Logical Reasoning

Paper pattern Objective for the full Maths paper
Total Questions 100
Time Duration 2 hours
Marks 100 marks(40 marks for Business Math, 20 marks for Logical Reasoning, and 40 marks for Statistics.


CA Foundation Logical Reasoning Weightage 2024

The ICAI’s weightage for Logical Reasoning chapters 9–12, including Number Series, Coding, Direction Tests, Seating Arrangements, and Blood Relations, contributes 20-30% of marks, urging students to adjust study schedules and improve preparation for exam success.

Chapter Topics for Logical Reasoning (20 Marks) Weightage
Chapter 9. Number series coding and Decoding and odd man out 20%-30%
Chapter 10. Direction Tests 20%-30%
Chapter 11. Seating Arrangements 20%-30%
Chapter 12. Blood Relations 20%-30%


ICAI CA Foundation Logical Reasoning Syllabus

The ICAI CA Foundation Logical Reasoning Syllabus, Part-B, covers key chapters on number series, coding, spatial reasoning, seating planning, analytical skills, blood relations, familial connections, and logical deductions, focusing on key logical reasoning skills.

Part-B: Logical Reasoning
Chapter 9 Number Series, Coding and Decoding, and Odd Man Out
Chapter 10 Direction Tests
Chapter 11 Seating Arrangements
Chapter 12 Blood Relations


Study Material Paper 3: Business Mathematics, Logical Reasoning, and Statistics

The CA Foundation Logical Reasoning study material covers Business Mathematics, Logical Reasoning, and Statistics. Part A focuses on Business Mathematics, delving into topics like Ratios and Proportions, Equations, the Time Value of Money, and differential and Integral Calculus. Part B addresses Logical Reasoning, covering Number Series, Direction Tests, Seating Arrangements, and Blood Relations. The CA Foundation study Material Part-C explores Statistics concepts such as Measures of Central Tendency, Probability, and correlation.

CA Foundation Paper 3 Business Mathematics, Logical Reasoning, and Statistics

Part-A: Business Mathematics Chapter 1: Ratio and Proportion, Indices, and Logarithms

Chapter 2: Equations

Chapter 3: Linear Inequalities

Chapter 4: Time Value of Money

Chapter 5: Basic Concepts of Permutations and Combinations

Chapter 6: Sequence and Series— Arithmetic and Geometric Progressions

Chapter 7: Sets, Functions, and Relations

Chapter 8: Basic Concepts of Differential and Integral Calculus

(A) Differential Calculus
(B) Integral Calculus

Part-B: Logical Reasoning Chapter 9: Number Series, Coding and Decoding, and Odd Man Out

Chapter 10: Direction Tests

Chapter 11: Seating Arrangements

Chapter 12: Blood Relations

Part-C: Statistics Chapter 13: Statistical Description of Data

Chapter 14: Measures of Central Tendency and Dispersion

Unit I: Measures of Central Tendency
Unit II: Dispersion

Chapter 15: Probability

Chapter 16: Theoretical Distributions

Chapter 17: Correlation and Regression

Chapter 18: Index Numbers


Tips for Cracking the CA Foundation 2024 Logical Reasoning Exams

  • Understand the ideas: Make certain you’ve got a sturdy understanding of the crucial thoughts in logical questioning, together with patterns, sequences, and connections.
  • Practice frequently: Set aside time every day to practice numerous styles of logical reasoning troubles to boost your talents and pace.
  • Analyse Previous Papers: Examine preceding check papers to understand the pattern of questions and concentrate on regions where you need greater exercise.
  • Time Management: Practice answering questions in a timed setting to increase your velocity and efficiency at the examination.
  • Learn Shortcut techniques: Get familiar with shortcut methods and strategies for solving complex problems quickly and exactly.
  • Focus on precision: Prioritise precision above velocity. Make certain your responses are proper by using double-checking them whenever viable.

FAQs about CA Foundation 2024


1. What is the exam pattern for CA Foundation 2024?

The CA Foundation 2024 exam comprises four papers: Principles and Practice of Accounting, Business Laws and Business Correspondence, Business Mathematics and Logical Reasoning and Statistics, and Business Economics and Business and Commercial Knowledge.

2. Is there a negative marking on the CA Foundation exam?

Papers 1 and 2 have no negative marks, while papers 3 and 4 have negative markings for incorrect answers on the CA Foundation Exam.

3. What is the duration of the CA Foundation exam?

Each paper in the CA Foundation exam lasts for Papers 1 and 2 (3 hours) and Papers 3 and 4 (2 hours).

4. What are the passing criteria for CA Foundation 2024?

To pass the CA Foundation Exam in 2024, candidates need a minimum of 40% in each paper and an overall aggregate of 50% across all four papers. Failure to meet these criteria will require candidates to retake the exam.

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