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The Amazing Benefits of CA Online Classes for Students

In this era of the digital world where everything is out there available on the Internet, online classes have become the new normal. Nowadays online video lectures are the conventional mode of education among students. In keeping in line with the education and various teaching methods, today’s generation prefers online classes as opposed to the traditional way of classes. This modernizing way of education provides many benefits to students and they find online education more comfortable than the traditional model. Throughout this article, we are going to discuss all the essential details and the benefits of CA online classes for students who want to become CA. Let’s just first understand what’s CA online video lectures & how it’s different from face to face classes.

The online course doesn’t require attending the face to face classes in a specific location. With the help of online classes, you can study at the comfort of your place at any time using your mobile phones, tablet, laptop or computer, etc. Yes, you read this right, you can study anywhere at any time with none of the hassles. Studying online is as simple as watching entertainment shows on youtube or Netflix.
Here are some of the features of online classes that make them a preferred choice among students.

No Issue of lectures Clashing-

It is a serious issue we face in our coaching lives. There’s always this issue of lectures clashing in front of students in the face-to-face mode of classes. Most of the time they are busy managing their class schedules. But let me tell you one thing online mode of lectures has just sorted out this issue in a very simple manner. In the online mode of lectures, you can view your lectures at any time or whenever you are free. You don’t have to go & attend that early morning 8 ‘o’clock class which will start at the exact time. Also, you don’t have to rush to attend a different class which will starts at 8:30. You can manage your class timings easily through the online mode of lectures. So if you’re someone who is facing this issue every single day just switched to online mode & see how your lives become more manageable and easy.

Magic of Rewind –

Yes, you read this right. In the online mode of Lectures, you will realize how truly miraculous is the option to revise. If you ever have a doubt or confusion, you can just rewind your lecture & watch that topic again. This is a boon for school and college students because most of the time students are not comfortable to ask doubts and questions, they feel shy or they aren’t comfortable enough to discuss it with the teachers in front of the whole class. But with the online mode of classes, we have the option to easily rewind the particular topic and try clearing our doubts by watching the lecture again.

Able to See Lectures Multiple Times-

The major advantage of online classes is students can watch the lectures multiple times which isn’t possible for the face to face classes. Online lectures are recorded so the students can review the classes as many times as needed. Yes, you read this right, in online classes, multiple views are available which means you can watch classes several times. We attend a face to face classes only once and it’s not possible for us to attain the same class again. But the same thing is possible when you are attending classes online. For instance, if you watched a lecture on Financial accounting today & then you want to watch those lectures again after 2 months you can watch them with the online mode of classes due to the multiple views option.

No More Problem of Missed Classes-

For most of the CA Students, this is the best advantage of Online classes. This feature has helped so many CA Students attend their classes. Students are busy with their articleship, they sometimes are not able to attend classes due to different reasons. So in the face-to-face classes, they have to request the teachers for backup classes and so many times teachers are not able to provide one. In such cases, students suffer loss. The availability of classes online has made sure, students don’t miss anything just because of the time. Students are able to attend classes without having to worry about having to miss the teachings because now they have access to the classes anywhere, anytime.

Study at your Own Speed-

Yes with the online mode of classes, there’s an option available to learn at their own speed. So students who like to take their time while studying have a huge benefit from this option. They can easily manage the speed of the class, which isn’t possible with traditional modes of learning, where we have a standard schedule of all the classes and all students have to adjust themselves according to the teacher. Wherein with the online mode of classes, we can adjust our speed with your convenience and consistency.

The option of Pendrive Classes-

In Pendrive classes, a pen drive is provided to the students wherein all the lectures are stored. we will use this Pendrive for storing our personal data after the expiry of the lectures. We just have to format the Pendrive & then we can use it for our own personal use. This is often an additional advantage of Pendrive classes available only in Pendrive mode of classes.

Here is a brief overview of different methods of online classes and their advantage-

Pen Drive Classes-

As we said, pen drive classes are the courses sold on pen drives. Here are a number of the benefits of pen drive classes.

Study at any time and anywhere: Once you purchase the pen drive, it’s yours. You’re not the time or place-bound to learn. You can study at any time (early in the morning or late at night) or anywhere (in your home or anywhere else.)

No dress code: You can join in class without having to worry about the dress code. You have the ease of watching lectures at the comfort of your home.

Cut down on travel costs: You will be saving tonnes of money on traveling to and from coaching centers. Especially if you’re living farther away.

Enhanced learning experience: Pen drive classes can combine the newest in technology to supply you with an enhanced learning experience

No need for internet connection: You do not need to be connected to the internet so as to access the course material, students from rural areas or one with poor internet access can benefit from this.

Motivates self-discipline: If you’re a self-motivated student, pen drive classes are often useful. you’ll need to structure your own schedule and follow it to get the best results.

Advantages of Live Online Classes

Live online classes try to create an experience of the face to face class as much as possible. Here are a number of benefits related to online classes.

Log in from anywhere: You are not bound to any location to take the classes. But you still need to log in at a given time, with a good internet connection.

Cut down on travel costs: You will be saving money on commuting to and fro from coaching centres.

Possible to interact with instructors: Because these online classes are live, you have the opportunity to instruct with your Instructor. You don’t need to wait to clear your doubts.

Enhanced learning experience: Typically, the teachers are proficient in technology. They will use it to enhance the learning experience for you.

Wear what you want: Because you don’t need to be physically present anywhere, you don’t need to worry about what to wear. All you need is to be present for live lectures. You also have the option of turning off your webcam.

Advantages of Pre-recorded Online Video Lectures

Pre-recorded online video classes are recorded beforehand and shared to students through e-learning portals or streaming video sites. Here are a number of the benefits of such a mode of learning.

#studyanytimeanywhere: You’ll access the content from anywhere at any time.

No traveling necessary: You don’t need to travel which saves a lot of your time and money.

More cost-effective: This is mostly a portal dependent feature. But all, pre-recorded online video lectures do offer you value for your money. In other words, you get a good ROI!

Enhanced learning experience: Instructors usually use technologically advanced methods of teaching to have the best learning experience for you.

No need to dress up: No dress code because you will be studying at home.

Motivates self-discipline: Because there’s no fixed schedule, you’ll need to come up with your own. this may help in instilling some self-discipline.

Real-time syllabus update: As per the e-learning portal, the video lectures will get updated to reflect changes in the syllabus.

These are some advantages of online classes, nowadays online classes are more beneficial and preferred by CA students who love to study on their own and just need some guidance from the teachers. Students understand the importance of online classes, and they prefer them over traditional means of learning. Coaching classes and Institutes are also working to make sure they keep up with the demands of students and customize their teaching methods accordingly. MCC is one of the leading Institutes In India when it comes to Online CA Coaching classes.

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