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The Do’s and Dont’s of Preparing for the CA Final Exams

In our former blogs, we have discussed the CA FINAL EXAMINATIONS. But now another question that makes the students the most curious is, ‘how to clear the exams in one attempt’? The answer to this question is simple.

You should be dedicated, consistent, and hardworking to obtain conceptual clarity. Hard work for 6 months along with enough time every day for effective study is a must. Describing the DO’s and DON’Ts that every student has to be mindful about are:-

Do’s and Dont’s of Preparing for the CA final Exams

The do’s to remember while preparing for CA Final:-

Join proper coaching 

Experienced CAs are the best teachers to go to for proper and effective coaching. Teachers play a grander role in the 360 development of the student. By joining coaching institutes, they benefit from the cycle of study-revise-repeat. By this their strong points are strengthened and weak points made vulnerable in the first steps, and then treated and improved.

Also, in today’s environment, giving CA final exams without any coaching is very confusing for the students as they are paralyzed with lots of choices. MCC offers one of the best Coaching Classes for CA Final exams. Our highly experienced and qualified faculty members help you study and pass your Final exams successfully.

Make notes

Making notes is one of the most effective methods to recognize your strong or weak points as well as for revision. During the final month, it is inevitable for the students to go through the entire syllabus. They require summaries and key area points.

Hence, with the notes, the students are able to avoid the hectic chore of going through the huge study topics in a limited time period. Students should avoid making useless notes; just the important points should be marked. Also, ICAI provides notes to aid the students in their preparation. 

Keep the last month for revision

Students often leave a few chapters to study at the last moment, but this can be an adverse decision for their preparation. They should always complete the syllabus at least one month before, so they have enough time to revise and solve mock tests and practice questions.

Make a proper timetable 

A timetable not only helps the student to be sure of his day-to-day activities but also inculcates values such as discipline, punctuality, hard work and most importantly helps with time management. A timetable keeps the student sorted throughout the day and eases the journey of their study.

Avoid stressing yourself a lot

Students often take a lot of tension during the exam period and become anxious which can affect their studies poorly. They end up being way more tense than usual. They spend sleepless nights, become more worried about studying, etc.

the students should meditate and adopt the distressing environment around them. Students can try the following distressing activities:

  1. Yoga
  2. Listen to music
  3. Exercise
  4. Meditate
  5. Walk
  6. Get yourself a plant
  7. Treat your body with healthy food and stay hydrated.
  8. Reward yourself after completing hard units

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These are some of the most popular relaxing and serene activities students can try.

  • Control over the calculator: Since the very beginning i.e., the foundation exams, students should establish command over their calculator and be quick and fluent with their calculations. They can learn and practice certain tricks to solve the questions easily and with a faster speed.
  • Solve mock tests and previous year papers: solving mock tests provided by ICAI itself is a golden task for the students. At all costs, they should practice the mock tests and evaluate their current performance level. Solving previous year’s papers, they grow familiar with the exam pattern and question types and start focusing and solving questions with similarity.
  • Study every day: The students should develop a habit to study every day no matter what. On the days they don’t feel like it, they should try taking a break from studies and focus on revision. This will help them develop a studying habit. They should not break their chain.

The don’ts to remember while preparing for CA Final exams:

Don’t go behind distractions:

Students should block out all distractions and just focus on their studies. They often feel like hanging out with their friends or skip their studies and rather have some fun. They should be well introduced to the statement that “everything else waits, this isn’t the end”.

It is recommended to stay away from Social Media for a while. There is no harm in spending your time with friends and family and relaxing but it should be well planned around your study schedule.

Don’t take your syllabus lightly:

The students should never underestimate the syllabus and topics and think that they are well aware of all the terms as they have worked as an intern. The syllabus is prepared by highly qualified Chartered Accountants at the ICAI, keeping in mind to cover every topic with great detail. At no cost, they should neglect the topics.

Don’t think low of you:

Because the student is not able to study he/she, should never think low of them and lose their confidence. They should be consistent and hardworking and keep uplifting themselves. Thinking down upon them will eventually make them lethargic and they’ll feel like giving up and trying the next attempt and the same cycle will go on. Thus, the student should avoid this vicious cycle and think good of him/her.

Don’t postpone plans for the day later:

Set goals and finish them on the decided day. Procrastination is not just a term but a bad habit which when enters the mind does not leave easily.

The students should hence focus on completing the task they’ve assigned themselves the same day and also plan for the following day. This will not only save time but also boost up their confidence.

Don’t divide the syllabus:

Students think dividing the syllabus into important and non-important groups would make their studies easier and benefit them.

But little do they realize that even the non-important points are a part of the marks that could have been obtained by the students. Sometimes it is these chapters that help the student pass their examination.

Don’t leave topics for the last minute:

Leaving the topics for the last moment is the worst decision students make. The last month should always be kept for revision and not for studying new points. This will lead to them being confused and making blunders while their preparation.

Don’t get overconfident:

Just as students should not get underconfident, they should not get overconfident as well. Being overconfident will make them feel like they know it all and need no more practice for their exams. This is often seen with an adverse effect in their exams when they meet the question paper and know very little. Thus, one should never be ignorant of their CA Final exam preparations.

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