Can You Clear CA Foundation Exams in the First Attempt?

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) holds the CA Foundation course exams on bi-annual bases. Usually, the exams are held in the months of May and November. So students who register on or before 30th June 2020, are eligible to appear for the November 2020 exams. Those who register before 31st December 2019 will be eligible to appear for the May 2020 examinations. There are close to 210 places in India and 5 overseas centers for the term CA Foundation exams. 

The CA Foundation exams are considered to be one of the toughest professional exams in the country. However, with proper preparation and smart planning, it is possible to clear the CA Foundation in the First Attempt. 

Let’s take a look at tips to clear the CA Foundation exam in the first attempt:

  • Do Plan Right – Daily study is a must, for a minimum of Eight to ten hours a day. Planning well ahead and not just before exams will help. Are you an early riser or the midnight oil burner? When can you handle theory and when the practical? How can you save on travel time, meal times and all the seconds of the day? How can you ensure good sleep? Planning yourself out will help you stay focused and study the 100% for the CA Foundation exam. You should complete your syllabus at least 3 months before exams. Mittal Commerce Classes always completes intermediate batches before 3 months of exams.
  • Complete Syllabus Coverage: Cover the entire syllabus for the examination. There is no success in studying for the exam in selected parts. . Mittal Commerce Classes gives coverage of 100% syllabus.
  • Subject Strength: Know your strengths. Even if you learn 100% of the syllabus, know your stronger subjects. This will help you achieve the 50% aggregate criteria.
  • Clarity of Each Concept: Do not just mug up or indulge in rote learning. Conceptual clarity is a must for the CA Foundation exam. Faculties at Mittal Commerce Classes always teaching to clear each and every concept of students.
  • Calculator Mastery: Use calculator shortcuts for better time management and for accuracy. You can refer to the log table but that is a very time-consuming affair. Look up calculator shortcuts online and master them. While everyone uses a calculator, a CA takes its functionality to the next level.
  • Practice: Constant practice will pay off in the CA Foundation exam. Keep a track of time when you are practicing. You could find yourself stuck at some times but don’t get frustrated. Only constant practice over timed exercises can help you overcome the roadblocks. . We are covering ICAI Study material, Past exam questions, ICAI MTP & RTP questions in classes to achieve great level of practice.
  • Revision times 4: Revision is your best friend and comfort. Make your own notes for revision. Maintain a book of highlights that will help during revision. Experts suggest a minimum of four revisions, to sort out all doubts and difficulties. Finally, keep 3 months prior to exams, for revision and at least 4 revisions must be done before exams. If you follow planning done by Mittal commerce classes then you will definitely done 5 revisions before exams.
  • Avoid Negative Marking: Some people may suggest that you rely on your intuition when ticking the right answers at the exam. Please avoid this at all costs. There is negative marking so trust only your logical studying and analysis, never intuition. You’re better off leaving a question than answering it wrongly.
  • Mock Test Papers: Train yourself to sharply analyze questions in which both choices look correct. How? By completing Mock Test Papers. CA Foundation Mock Test papers are very helpful. They teach time management and how to analyze questions. It is advisable to solve the papers at the end of the chapter and after completion of the entire course, solve the complete Mock Test Papers (MTPs). We are taking more than 3 mock test series at Mittal Commerce Classes.
  • Do away with distractions – You know what you are in for when you signed up for this. Any professional certification like CA immediately implies dedication and the best investment of one’s time and energy. For the tenure of your studying and practicing for CA, it’s really important to do away with all distractions. This does not mean having any recreation or break at all – but indulgences like social media, television can make you waste time without getting much out of it could be ignored.

To clear the CA Foundation course in the first attempt, hard work is always important, but smart work is paramount. Follow these 8 tips for before and during the exams crack the Foundation level in your first attempt. Good luck!

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