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CA Course Guide 2024: Duration, Eligibility criteria and Syllabus

CA Course Guide 2024

Introduction to the CA Course

The Chartered Accountancy (CA) program is a challenging and important course that is popular for being, particularly in the commerce stream. CA Course Guide A professional career in accounting, finance, or business can benefit from the CA course, which is often known as one of the most difficult tests. It combines basic learning with practical expertise to provide students with a basic knowledge of financial services.

Becoming a Chartered Accountant (CA) in India requires multiple key steps and examinations. Knowledge of the entry criteria for each level of the CA course is important, as is the registration process. Additionally, candidates for CA should be familiar with the subjects covered in the CA Foundation, Intermediate, and Final exams. CA Articleship training is a significant part of the CA course, providing practical experience in the field. Furthermore, exploring the scope and salary possibilities after finishing the Chartered Accountancy course in India in 2024 offers valuable knowledge about career opportunities. This complete CA course guide provides future CA with important information to advance their CA journey successfully and make informed selections about their education and career path.

What is a CA?

The Chartered Accountancy (CA) journey involves three stages: the CA Foundation Course, which introduces fundamental knowledge in accounting, law, economics, and quantitative aptitude; the CA Intermediate Course, which covers advanced topics like financial reporting, strategic management, taxation, and auditing; and the CA Final Course, which requires mastery of complex accounting principles, auditing techniques, strategic financial management, and professional morality. Each stage carefully challenges and develops candidates’ skills, preparing them for the responsibilities and objectives of the accounting profession.

How to Become CA in India?

How to Become a CA in India, hopeful individuals need to follow these steps:

  1. Register for the CA Foundation course after passing the 12th grade.
  2. Successfully complete the CA Foundation course and register for the CA Intermediate course.
  3. Clear the CA Intermediate exams and CA Articleship training to complete practical experience.
  4. Register for the CA Final course and pass the final exams.
  5. Apply for membership with the respective accounting organisation to officially become a Chartered Accountant in India.

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Eligibility Criteria for Each Level of the CA Course

  1. CA Foundation: In order to be eligible for CA Foundation, candidates must have passed their 12th-grade examinations from an accredited board. Moreover, students studying science need at least 55%, whereas those studying commerce need at least 50%.
  2. CA Intermediate: Depending on the course selected, the qualification for CA Intermediate varies. Moreover, candidates wishing to choose the Foundation path must score at least 50% overall on the Foundation test, with a minimum of 40% in each subject. Additionally, a graduation or postgraduate degree with 60% (other) or 55% (commerce) is necessary for quick admission.
  3. Articleship: Upon completion of ICITSS training and meeting specific criteria, such as passing at least one CA Intermediate group, students become eligible to register for an articleship. Subsequently, following CA Intermediate Registration, candidates seeking direct admission can commence CA articleship training. Additionally, it’s important to note that during the articleship period, trainees gain practical experience in various aspects of the profession.
  4. CA Final: candidates must have passed both CA Intermediate groups and completed their CA articleship training within a minimum of 2.5 years. Additionally, they must fulfill the eligibility criteria by satisfying these requirements.

How to Register for the Chartered Accountant Course?

  • Begin by visiting the official ICAI portal.
  • Create a new account with ICAI, providing important details such as name, email, and phone number.
  • Verify the OTP sent to your email and phone number to complete the verification process.
  • Log in to the site using the registration details provided.
  • Proceed to the “Apply for Foundation” section.
  • Complete the registration form with the required information.
  • Proceed to the next step after entering the details.
  • Upload all necessary documents as directed on the website.
  • Save your progress and proceed to the next section.
  • Confirm your registration by completing the payment method.
Topics in the Chartered Accountancy Course

The CA syllabus covers accounting, auditing, financial management, taxes, and laws at each level, providing complete education in these areas.

CA Foundation Subjects in 2024

1: Accounting

2: Business Laws

3: Quantitative Aptitude

  1. Part I: Business Mathematics and
  2. Part II: Logical Reasoning
  3. Part III: Statistics

4: Business Economics

CA Intermediate Subject in 2024

Group 1
  • Advance Accounting
  • Corporate Laws & Other Laws
  • Taxation
  1. Section A: Income-tax Law
  2. Section B: Goods and Service Tax
Group 2
  • Cost and Management Accounting
  • Auditing and Ethics
  • Financial Management and Strategic Management
  1. Part I:  Financial Management
  2. Part II: Strategic Management

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CA Final Subject in 2024

Group I

  • Financial Reporting
  • Advance Financial Management
  • Advanced Auditing, Assurance, and Professional Ethics

Group II

  • Direct Tax Laws and International Taxation
  • Indirect Tax Laws
  • Integrated Business Solution
  1. Section A: Corporate and Economic Laws
  2. Section B: Strategic Cost & Performance Management

Passing Criteria for CA Foundation, Intermediate, and Final Exams

There are general passing requirements for all CA examinations, such as the Foundation test. Firstly, a minimum of 50% overall and 40% in each subject are required of the students. Additionally, being a participant in coaching for the CA Foundation increases the chances of passing the exam the first time around. Furthermore, candidates must score 40% in each of the intermediate and final tests and 50% overall to pass the group. Consequently, those who complete these qualifications can sign up for further CA courses and work towards becoming chartered accountants.

MCC Coaching Classes provides all the support needed to successfully fulfil these objectives. Moreover, students can increase their chances of passing the CA test by successfully grasping subjects through the direction of experts. Furthermore, MCC Coaching Classes guarantees reasonable CA Course duration costs and durations, allowing candidates to become chartered accountants to receive high-quality education and achieve their professional ambitions.

Articleship Training 

The CA course includes articleship training. Additionally, it offers practical knowledge and experience gained over three years in Chartered Accountancy. Students can apply after clearing CA Intermediate groups. However, completing the Integrated Course on Information Technology and Soft Skills (ICITSS) is mandatory before initiating an articleship. Moreover, even those directly entering the CA Intermediate course must complete ICITSS training.

For direct entry candidates, they can start articleship training after applying for CA Intermediate. However, ICITSS requirements are mandatory. Subsequently, after a three-year articleship period, individuals can progress to the CA Final Course. This training equips prospective Chartered accountants with practical skills and prepares them for professional challenges. Consequently, the CA Course fee and articleship training quality combine to create a complete educational journey towards Chartered Accountant status.

Required Skills for Becoming a CA

Good Communication: Clear information and idea sharing are supported by strong verbal and written communication abilities.

Honesty and Accountability: Being reliable and dependable requires maintaining integrity and accepting accountability for one’s actions.

Discipline and Hard Work: Reaching professional objectives requires a constant dedication to hard work.

Confidentiality: Maintaining high confidentiality makes sure that important information is protected and secure, fostering trust and integrity within professional relationships.

Analytical Skills: The ability to analyse complex data and situations supports problem solving, decision-making, and gaining meaningful knowledge from information to drive informed actions and strategies.

Organizational and time management skills: Successfully managing tasks, priorities, and deadlines boosts productivity, minimizes stress, and optimizes resource use, allowing objectives and projects to be completed on time.

Self-Motivation and Commitment: Basic drive and dedication support continuous improvement and professional development.

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Scope and Salary After the Chartered Accountancy Course in India in 2024

CA Course Scope
  1. Educational Flexibility: The CA course offers candidates the opportunity to pursue advanced degrees, enriching their expertise and career prospects.
  2. No Study Hour Limitations: Similar to traditional programmes, CA students enjoy the choice of studying without time constraints, facilitating remote learning for working professionals.
  3. Control Over Study Level: Students have the freedom to dictate their study pace, alleviating pressure and enabling specific preparation approaches.
  4. Compulsory Articleship: Incorporating articleship ensures practical exposure, allowing students to select their preferred company and improving their professional development.
  5. Entrepreneurial Opportunities: After gaining experience, many CA explore entrepreneurship, benefiting from the independence of self-employment. Additionally, roles as tax advisers and consultants offer various career way.
  6. Consistency and Breaks: The CA course accommodates breaks for individuals seeking pause or additional study time, promoting consistent learning and skill enhancement.
CA Course and Salary
  1. Organisation: Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI)
  2. Name of Course: Chartered Accountancy
  3. Levels:
    • Level 1: CA Foundation
    • Level 2: CA Intermediate
    • Level 3: CA Final
  4. Fresher CA Salary: ₹7-8 lakhs (per annum)
  5. Average CA Salary: ₹11–13 lakhs (per annum)
  6. Experienced CA Salary: ₹15-20 lakhs (per annum)
  7. Exam Type: National level exams
  8. Languages: English and Hindi
  9. Frequency of Exams: Twice a year
  10. Registration Window: Open throughout the year.
  11. Official Website: www.icai.org

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I apply for the CA inter exam after completing class 12?

No, as per the basic eligibility criteria, candidates can register for the CA intermediate course only through the routes- (a) After completing CA foundation course; (b) Must have graduate/ postgraduate degree.

2. What is the minimum study period for the CA intermediate exam?

As per ICAI, the minimum study period for CA intermediate exam is eight months.

3. What are the registration fees for CA courses?

Ans. The fees to be paid for the registration of CA courses are given below:

  • CA Foundation: INR 9,800
  • CA Intermediate: INR 18,000
  • CA Final: INR 22,000

4. What is CA Salary?

Ans. The Salary of a Chartered Accountant in India on various based job profiles.

  • CA: 7.25 Lakhs Per Annum
  • Financial Officer: 35 Lakhs Per Annum
  • Assistant Account Manager: 5 Lakhs Per Annum
  • Financial Analyst: 6 Lakhs Per Annum

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